Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Mas 2 - 1 Ind, Chelsea 2 - 0 Portsmouth

All was well in the footie world yesterday.Senayan was conquered and Portsmouth pierced.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Tidal Waves that Shook My Shores

During the end credits of There’s Something About Mary, the makers of the film decided to use The Foundations’ Build Me Up Buttercup as its background song. And it goes something like this…

Why do you build me up
Buttercup baby just to let me down
And mess me around

The ‘baby’ however, in the context of the film, would kindly refer to Cameron Diaz. I also sang the tune today but my ‘baby’ is rather different. It comes in the form of a natural disaster. More specifically, a tsunami.

When I first learned about tsunamis it was during the time I couldn’t even imagine how on earth could an earthquake occur underwater. The idea itself was a far fetched one let alone I would personally experience such an incident and in this case, I maybe safe from the treacherous killer waves but I am on the receiving end of its consequences.

Along the years of my youth I have welcomed the new year in a variety of places. The KLCC park, Dataran Merdeka and even on top of a building overseeing the far distant fireworks on display from the city. This year, I was hoping, for the first time ever, I could usher in 2005 at a beach in PD. Sadly, though, that wish would not be realized.

Along with many other natural disasters, tsunamis have created a considerable amount of damage not just to the physical level of a human body but also his mind. After experiencing the gut wrenching tidal waves, people all over the South East Asia region are scared shitless to go anywhere near the beach. Even though they are on the other side of the peninsular, let’s say Rantau Abang for instance. So imagine the euphoria surrounding an area such as PD. You’ve guessed it, same shait. Suddenly, hydrophobic has become the new rend.

Concerned with our own safety, the PD plan is cancelled. Disappointed? The hell I am, but who am I to argue? The current death toll is about 22000 and I don’t want to be part of that statistic.

Grievance. Brood. Contemplate. Really, those are only my best options.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Eve

Apart from football, there is another thing to could make me happy. A taste of luxury life. I had the most exquisite dinner I could remember in a long, long time. It is Christmas Eve and I just came back from the KL Hilton. Along with the magnificent contemporary décor, the food was beyond excellent. I was introduced to the concept of semi-buffet where you can choose the main course from a given menu and the buffet consists of the appetizers and desserts. But what do you make of it when the so-called appetizers offer the likes of lamb roast, turkey ham, escargot, oysters, caviar, chicken liver and lobsters? I couldn’t and was left baffled by the wonderful array I had at my disposal. Nevertheless, I had a delightful evening. I even had to cancel my futsal date with the lads. Although, I felt a bit guilty but I think I was better off. This time at least. Oh, and by the way, dining together at Sudu were Sarimah Ibrahim along with her companion. I couldn’t recognize her at first because she had straightened her hair, which by the way made her look lovely. And she was lovely. Extremely beautiful to be more accurate. Even my mum agrees with me. I’d must say, she looked better in real life than those TV shows and glossy magazines. It must be the day of the artists because earlier that day at KLCC I saw the other half of my idol that is Harith Iskandar. I usually ridicule people who wore sunglasses inside of shopping complexes but this time I’ll make an exception.

Overall, life has been rosy since I left Tronoh for good. Valerie is finally back home but not for long. Her days are numbered. She will be sold sooner rather than later.

The only thing left for me is to get a job. But if I do get my job, there goes my fun life as I know it. But if I do not, then I cannot make the next step in this ambitious life of mine. And also means no income, which I honestly think, kind of unpleasant. Quite a dilemma there.

But for now, everything’s peachy

Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's the 4th day

It’s probably no use of complaining now. It seems inevitable that I am still here. About a month ago, a few colleagues of mine asked me when will I finish my studies. I jokingly answered, “Why don’t you ask me again at Christmas”, knowingly, rather convincingly that by then, I will be free of any obligations. Considering my absolute deadline was on the 20th of December. But now, all that doesn’t seem too amusing. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am still at UTP. And technically, after completing my clearance, I am currently an illegal immigrant inside of UTP compound. I have no legitimate ID and I’m using the apartment along with its facilities free of charge. Sneaky lil’ bastard ain’t I? Well, to tell the truth, there is nothing I can do. Except wait.

Continuing my indulgence in the arts, yesterday I learned a dance. Actually, I’m not even sure whether it is a proper dance. In truth, I just imitated Hugh Grant’s ridiculous booty shaking wriggle to the sound of Girls Aloud’s Jump from the movie Love Actually. It’s quite embarrassing, really. I wouldn’t do it again unless I’m all alone in a room and then suddenly that scene pops up in my head.

Hold me
I’ll give you all that you need
Wrap your love around me

Oh sod…

You know, I’m lucky cause I’m an expert in self amusement. Even in the direst of moments, I still can find something (not necessarily useful) to do. Although, I must admit, the current situation really challenges my ability. As for the moment, no radical idea has to yet to come to mind but I do have a lot of movies in storage. Movies I’ve seen that is. Wouldn’t hurt to watch them all over again even though that is not something that I would normally do. I would love to see Ocean’s 12 but that’s 30 km away so that is a little out of reach. Way out of reach for that matter. Strangely, the weather in Tronoh is not that bad. One would normally associated it with its scorching heat and blistering sunlight but it’s already noon and the weather is pleasant. Oh good God, I’m talking about the weather. That’s a new low. Speaking of which, I have Under the Tuscan Sun DVD. Hmm..that would make an interesting choice.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Por Una Cabeza

What the hell am I still doing here? I’m still stuck in Tronoh. With no transport. No thanks to those numbskull blokes at Tmn Maju. What I thought my final slumber at UTP turned out to be my 2nd last. I hope last night would be the definitive end.

If the day before turned me into a Da Vinci enthusiast, yesterday I dwelled into tango music. I must say Por Una Cabeza is my favorite. Originally sung by Carlos Gardel, it was later adapted to tango into a beautiful serenade. Pity, it only lasts for a mere 2 minutes. Oh look, I’ve turned into a man of the arts. That’s something I didn’t expect. I sure hope I can get home today. Last night, I had to walk in the rain to get a decent meal. Along the way, I could hear the sound of my footsteps echoing between the blocks of V4-E and V3-D as I walked along the pathway. It wasn’t at least scary but sure enough frustrating, considering the consequences of the incidents that had led me to that situation.

Cuantos desengaños, por una cabeza,
yo jure mil veces no vuelvo a insistir
pero si un mirar me hiere al pasar,
su boca de fuego, otra vez, quiero besar.

Many deceptions, loosing by a head...
I swore a thousand times not to insist again
but if a look sways me on passing by
her lips of fire, I want to kiss once more.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Beauty and the Beast

It was during one of those men chat that I was having with a good friend of mine,who was educated in the art of seducing women since the tender age of 13 that I asked him this question, "How in the world does an absolute beauty like that," pointing my index finger to a tall Nicole-Kidman-like girl, "end up with a less-than-atractive partner like that?" shifting my finger to her spouse, a scruffy looking Willem Dafoe.I continued, "and it happens more often than not.It's one of the mysteries of the universe".
"Well," shifting his seating position,he replied, "It's not really a mystery.You see, when a woman of that beauty emerges,usually the regular blokes,liek you and me,and even sometimes the good looking ones,could only admire her from afar.Why?Well,most of the time they are scared.Scared of being rejected.So,when the "rightful" people dared not to make the first move, a lesser bloke came along, with nothing to lose,dared the unthinkable and guess what?He bags the princess" he finished with a sly grin.
Obviously quite stunned with the directness of the answer.I could offer no reply.Staying silent,I could only indicate that I couldn't agree more with him.

Da Vinci

I am all alone at UTP. I have never ever seen this place so devoid of life. It's so quiet. And I don't mean it in a good day.So, in order to abolish or at least lessen the amount of boredom I'm experiencing, one would've guessed that I'd watch a movie or go ronda2. But guess what?I took a crash course on the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Since the last 24 hours,I have now become familiar with the Lourve,The Vitruvian Man,The Madonna of the Rocks,The Virgin of the Rocks,The Last Supper and of course,The Mona Lisa.Hardly believable,right?But that is the truth.It is safe to say that I am now a light aficianado of the great Da Vinci.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


For the first time, I went to KL, since, well, since forever. The city was filled with people. It was noisy. Smoke and dust were everywhere. God, how much I missed it! I missed KL so much. Never mind the RM10 coffee and the long traffic jams, I just love the city life. And by next week, I can kiss au revoir to the sad and lonely life in Tronoh. People all around me have been distressing on how they’re going to miss the student life yada yada. Yeah whatever. Like, duh, don’t you wanna move on? 4 ½ years is more than enough for me. I wanna start making money and have myself a comfortable life filled with fine clothes, fine car and trendy restaurants. What could be better than money? People who say money is the root of all evil, doesn’t have any.

Anyway, things are looking bright for me. Except for Valerie. I am so sick of being bullshitted for so long. If by this coming Tuesday they’re still not done, I’m towing her back to KL, where the service is quicker and better.

And I’ve decided NOT to back to UTP tomorrow. It’s too goddamn early. Just what the hell am I gonna do during the weekends? Oh hell no! I’m better off at home. And that is common sense.

You know, it’s kinda weird that I have been so rajin filling up my blog. Last time, I used to write long emails. Now that I have this, it’s sorta the next step. Hahaha..that is such a lame statement. I mean, who actually read this? Oh yeah, I forgot, Syarifah Bahiyah read my blogs. That’s quite a revelation ain’t it? She’s probably reading this line right now. Oh I forgot the Mrs. It’s Mrs. Syarifah Bahiyah. Apparently, she’s pretty particular about that. And, I might say, quite smug about it too. Well, you can’t really blame her.

Looking at the crescent moon moonlighting over the city lights, I just thought, I might as well follow up on those windows of opportunities. What? Jobs? No…I mean women. There’s this lovely Shereen. And Vinne. Oh yes, Vinne. Then there’s Natasha. Oh how can I forget about Natasha. Goodness gracious, that’s quite a handful. But at least it should provide some fun.

"Sorry,but all of my friends are taken. Wow, I've never said that before"
That was a line from Carrie Bradshaw during a conversation with her luvah.

As I was watching that scene, I was suddenly filled with a significant amount of irony. Hmm...

Oh no...

I am free tomorrow. I have free time, for leisure, tomorrow. That feels kinda weird because I have been living under stress for quite some time now that I can no longer remember how it feels to actually have some spare time. I can actually go to a cinema tomorrow and not feeling guilty about it. I can wake up late without having to worry about being overslept. I can do fun and meaningless things tomorrow and actually have a genuine smile about it. But how? I have forgotten how. I did had some fun lately but usually at 60% commitment. I didn’t want to get over excited. But now I have that luxury…and I don’t know how to make the best of it. That’s strange. I feel kind of empty. How is that possible? Wait a minute, that is NOT possible. I will not let that happen. I will go out tomorrow. To where I don’t know but somewhere. I just have to keep myself occupied. Oh sod, I sound so desperate. And I’m putting it in a blog. Oh for fuck’s sake…

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Malaysia 2 Thailand 1

Khalid Jamlus, the dude who delivered

That is the score line that I never thought I would witness last night. Not only Malaysia beat Thailand, we dumped them out of the Tiger Cup. And for the first time ever, Thailand is out as early as the group stage! How sweet is that? I have been longing for that kind of performance from our National team for a long time. That is how our team should play. With finesse and vigour. I just hope this continues. If Malaysia goes to the Final, then I’ll be sure as hell will be at Bukit Jalil. There’s nothing better than rooting for your home team in a major Final.

Apart from that, I just submitted my dissertation for hardbounding. By Friday, I can pick them up. Maybe during the weekend I can go back to UTP and then bloody submit my dissertation!! How fucking cool is that!?

Haih…I’m soooo happy. In a few more days, I will be retiring from being a student. I’m not quite sure what to expect next cause I have been a student since I was 5. But I think it’s gonna be a blast. Why? Because I’m gonna be making gobs of money.

Monday, December 13, 2004

My Dream Job

Given the current circumstances I don’t think I’m fit enough to work in the IT world. It’s true I know a few programming languages and it’s also true that I am well aware of all the current technologies and trends but that is just about it. My expertise, as you may call it, is mediocre at best. There are plenty of far more talented programmers, data base administrators, web site developers and network engineers out there. What’s worse, some of them are still unemployed. If they talented people like them could not get a job, then what are the chances that I will?

So, I think it’s probably time to think and possibly venture out of the technology world. Career terms of course. My father did mention something about the financial field. That sounds interesting given the fact that I have been avoiding the finance and accounts since I was 16. But then again, who knows, I may turn out quite a talented financial planner. Besides, there are a lot more vacancies there compared to the IT world.

But what I really should ask myself is what do I like? What would I like to do for a career? The last time I asked myself this question was when I was 12. The answer was a pilot. More specifically, a commercial airline pilot. I was already amazed and awed by the humongous 747s and have yet to get to Disneyland. What better way to get there than go there, without the need to pay for the travel fee (but in turn get paid for doing it) while flying you own plane? It was an awesome plan. It was perfect. That is until my father asked me the same question. I gave the same answer, gleefully. His reply was, “I want you to get a job where you need a university degree for it”. It turned out, I could get to be pilot as early as I hit 17. But I don’t want to be a dumbass. Not as much as my father would either. As cool being a pilot may be, at the same time I don’t want to be known as a guy who only has an education level up until high school.

So, as I sit here, pondering again the question I asked myself 10 years ago, I figured the only thing I’m good at and enjoy doing is this. Writing. Well, nowadays it’s more like typing…composing is more like it. Wait, that sounds like I’m writing a song. Writing. Yup, that’s the word, ‘writing’. Or as I would call it, creating bullshit out of nothing. I’m never a fan of boring factual reports. Once, I put humorous elements inside one of my formal reports I received a less than pleasing comment from my evaluator. That was the last time I dared such a thing. Since then I have been writing my reports with agony and boredom.

I think I would make a pretty good novelist. However, as much I enjoy reading them, the commitment associated with creating a memorable one is quite daunting. A good novelist usually spends 2 to 3 years working on a single novel. In some cases 5 to 7 years. To spend that period of time working on a single topic and theme, once again, I think I’ll bore myself to death.

So, what kind of job that I could display my creativity in writing and constantly changing the themes now and again? My answer is this: a writer who writes articles. A columnist. Be it for a newspaper or a magazine. It will be an awesome job. The best example would be this: Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw. Actually her job is not really glamourous because the paper that she writes the article for is not really a mainstream daily. It is equivalent of Harian Metro in Malaysia. But, then again, she shops at Dior and Prada and wear Manolo Blahniks at her feet and lives in Manhattan. She also, however, lives in a small apartment and does not own a car. But she still manages to go and dine at trendy restaurants and get invites to A-list parties. But wait, could this be true? I mean, it’s still a TV show and you begin to wonder is the lifestyle could really be possible. Some of us would like to yes even though it means lying to ourselves.

Another debonair example is Richard Gere in Runaway Bride. Top columnist for the New York Times (or was it USA Today?) and everybody read his articles. He was well known and rives a convertible. Suave, I might say. But again, it’s a movie. A fiction. Someone’s screenplay being adopted to the silver screen.

In real life? In Malaysia? What? A columnist for New Straits Times? Geez, even I don’t who write them. Even sometimes the good ones. How about magazines? Female magazines is a complete no-no. What good would it do in hiring a columnist of the opposite sex? So that leaves men magazines in Malaysia. What ? Maskulin? Oh please, no. Too horrific. FHM? It’s not even a magazine. It’s a joke. A proper men’s magazine is something like GQ or Esquire. Or even Maxim. Now that would be awesome. That is supreme. An established columnist for the Esquire or GQ. Whoa…now that would be some pickup line. “I’m a writer for the Esquire. You’ve probably come across it. It’s quite popular”.

But alas, as of now, that dream is still a dream. I think it’s a fantasy. Fantasies are far more fetched than dreams. Almost on the verge of impossible. Berangan namenye. Tp takleh berangan lame sgt. Nnt makan diri. Ghetu~

The Trip:The Aftermath

My trip from Ipoh to KL on an express bus.

It was horrible.

Future resolution:
Hoping never have to go through it again.

Good thing to come out of it:
Well, at least I'm home...safely

Sunday, December 12, 2004

La Vita e Bella

It was after hours. The traffic was intense as usual. I looked out of the window of my car. The sky was grey. It was sordid.

I finally arrived and parked my car. Slow steps. God, I was tired. Even my shirt is all wrinkled. I continued my walk to the entrance. The doorman held it for me. He gave a smile. I returned one with a slight nod, acknowledging his friendly gesture.

I stepped in. It was suddenly bright. I stood there in the middle. Closed my eyes and breathed in the cool pleasant air.

Up ahead was the reception counter. Behind it, displayed on the wall were the words ‘Sheraton Imperial’.

A snicker.
If only I could come home to this every day

I continued my way to Botanica Brasserie. Crowd was light. It was still early. I picked a quaint little spot by the corner. A beautiful waitress came up to me.

“Good evening, sir”

With you serving me I’m sure it is.

“Will you be having ala carte or the buffet? Our theme today is international cuisine and we have a special seafood offer on today”. She smiled persuasively.

As if you leave me with much of a choice.

As expected the food was more than fabulous. The fresh shrimps were no exception.
The mood was quaint. A soothing classical music playing in the background. Waiters and waitresses awaiting eagerly to satisfy my every silly requests with just a flick of my hand.

As I took a sip from my drink, I had to admit, life was good.

But that was back then…

Fast forward to the future and life is not as pretty as it once was. An apartment fit to fill 12 people comfortably but yet, I am all alone. With just Frank Sinatra’s singing voice to keep me company, things are quite sombre.

If things are so bad then why haven’t I gone home? That’s a pretty good question. The reason is because I can’t. As far as my ego goes, my car’s engine is being turned inside out yet again. So I guess that rules out driving back. How about a lift with someone I know? Well, it seems that the desktop computer ranks higher than me in terms of importance thus my application for the backseat was dully rejected. Not just once. I was rejected for a quite number of times. The latest was this evening. It’s not everyday you get beaten by a piece of electronic equipment.

“But I NEED my computer at home!”
Yes yes, I heard you the first time.

Last resort? Good ‘ol public transportation. It has been ages since I took one from Ipoh to KL. Last time was probably in late 2000. How will it go? Safe, I hope.

At least I’ll be returning to KL. Who knows, maybe I’ll give Sheraton Imperial a second visit.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Things that I have been doing lately...

Beach Boys(Teluk Batik @ sunset)

The Departing Clan


Monday, December 06, 2004

Ever After

Just Married

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.Well,...

Friday, December 03, 2004

A Bitter End

It is official. This is the most sickening semester I have ever endured during my 4 ½ years here at UTP. Not only my FYP is driving me nuts, I have to reseat an exam paper because some dickhead took the level of cheating to whole new low. It’s one thing to cheat in a Finals paper but to be so mind-numbingly incompetent in doing it is another. My car is STILL not okay. And I’m gonna miss 3 open house invitations. 2 from ex-sassians and 1 from Ara. I have to decline an invitation from Ara? Goodness me this is so irritating. All because currently I don’t have the luxury known as time.
Haih…I used to like surprises. You know, the kind of surprises like when Summer shows up at Seth’s birthday party dressed up as Wonder Woman. Those kind of surprises. But not these kind. These unpleasant surprises. It seems I’m getting one every 3 or 4 days. Just when you thought it could not possibly get any does get worse. Luckily a few thoughts of wonderful excursions after this horrendous period ends do give me a smile once in awhile.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Women,conquerers of Men

I have been raised with the notion that a man is the head of his family. The leader. The king. Up to this day, that is true…mostly.

But of course, this is the scenario AFTER the marriage thing. Before that, I’m afraid the same cannot be said. We, gentlemen, are on the losing end.

Let’s star from the beginning shall we? At the courting stage…flirting, wooing, mengurat, whatever you may call it, let me ask you this, who is doing all the chasing? The men, of course. That seems normal enough, right? Because that is what has been going on since the Stone Age. But this is no longer the Stone Age. Back then, when the men chose, the women obeys and follows him. Nowadays, however, the power to choose has transferred to the hands of women. Nowadays, the men simply propose while the women have the right to say “yes” or “no”. Such simple words yet tremendous consequences. Men would run around crazy day and night, thinking about “The One” and buying her gifts and remembering her birthday. In the end, when the moment of truth comes and the guy finally gathered up the courage to ask The Question of, “Would you be my girlfriend?”. 8 out of 10 she will say “no”. Reason? Plenty. There’s, “I’m not ready for a relationship”, “It’s not you, it’s me” and the all new classic of the new era, “I thought we were just gonna be friends..”. when the cold hard truth is either we are not good looking enough, not rich enough or just plain not good enough. You’d think if a person like Prince William asked the same person the same question she would still say “no”? Even if she were 5 months pregnant I’m willing to bet she would have no doubts saying “Yes!! Oh God, yess!!”. For the 2 out of 10 that WILL say “yes” is either because the guy said the right things what the girl wanted to hear or it came out of self pity.

Let’s say the guy DID get the girl and they are in a lovey-dovey relationship. You still think the guy has the upper hand? Think again. When THAT time of the month comes, which every healthy woman experiences, the guy is always on the receiving end. Always. No matter how you look at it. Mood swings would be the least of your problems. Saturday night football? Say goodbye to them because Saturday night is when you spend time with your girlfriend considering every other weekdays you are both busy with each other’s lives. Do you think she will give a damn if Juventus came to the Nou Camp? Or when David Beckham returns to Old Trafford? Those weekend nights will be filled with movies like Titanic and Sleepless In Seattle. And we’re not even talking about the anniversary or the mourning in remembrance of her dead cat. Oh, and her birthday. God forbid you to ever forget that day. If you do, then it will be no talk let alone a smile for the next 2 weeks. In the event of you taking her to a restaurant for a so-called romantic dinner, may it be known to you that preference will be on her side. We guys are easy because we eat anything. As for girls, well, make sure she knows what sushi is before you start taking her to Nippon Tei. A woman’s taste buds are unpredictable. Italian may be her favorite this week but she may hate it the next. You may take her to a fancy $100 per head restaurant but she may just order the salad because she had an apple that morning and she’s still quite full. And how about the gifts? For every 10 gifts we give to them, we are lucky to get 1 in return. Extra lucky if that one is not your birthday present.

Gentlemen, unlike what we want to believe, women are taking control over us. Who do you think came up with the “every man has a feminine side to him”? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a man. Last week I saw a picture of Sylvester Stallone wearing a pink shirt. Pink, for God’s sake! This is Rambo we’re talking here! The epitome of men.

As much I would like to believe otherwise, the dignity of men is on the downslide. And women say we are commitment phobic? I’d say we have every right to.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Love,Marriage and Babies

There comes a time when a person has reached a certain age when he or she has to consider about marriage. I never knew that age would be 22.

As I look around, more and more people that I know are beginning to get married. Some of them are still planning while others are already expecting their first newborn.

Somehow, between the last millennium and this one, the “right” age of 27-ish seemed too late. What is the point of getting married when you barely have a firm financial plan for the future? Love? Oh please…”love” is the most overrated word in the world. Reality check: love does NOT conquer all. We are certainly buoyed up by romance novels and Hollywood movies that when we do get married, the next certain thing would be to live happily after. Well, that is not the case. Ever wonder why those classic love stories always end when the couple decides to live together for the rest of their lives? That’s because after the settling down, there is no drama. There is no chasing. There is no “you jump, I’ll jump”. There is no “you complete me”. What most probably will happen is, “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

Being in love is one thing. To get married is a whole different matter. I would like to think marriage as the day you proclaim to your parents that you are ready to face the world on your own. You will get a job and provide food and shelter for your family. All of this responsibility will be rested on your shoulders. At least, that is from a man’s point of view. Women has to take care of her husband and most importantly, the offspring. That is even a deeper level. Raising a baby is about raising another human being. There is no easy way about it. There is no “Raising babies for dummies” book.

The point is I am too young to get married. I know that but there are some people around me, people who are close to me, who does not seem to realize that. That worries me. It worries me that they will only realize their mistake a little too late. And when that happens, I hate to be the one to say, “I told you so”.

At this point I already have a close friend and a cousin who has gotten married recently and they both are expecting their first child sometime next year. As a friend and a cousin, my job is to support them and say, “that’s good news!” with a big fat fucking smile on my face but the truth is I just want to yell, “Are you outta your freakin’ mind?”. I know for a fact they sure as hell don’t the financial resources to support a child and I willing to bet that the new grandparents will have to aid. Of course, they would love to coz it’s their kids. No matter how bullshit it seems to other people.

This is not the first time I have seen the so called being-in-love thing ruined people’s lives. I know many and personally colleagues of mine at the university who have failed subjects because, instead of studying, they prefer to go out on dates and have hours of late night phone calls. In the end, when everybody else is planning what to wear for graduation day, they are pondering what courses to register next semester. Sad? It’s just plain pathetic.

Being in love is fine, actually. But up to the point it dictates ur life and changed the course of it? I don’t think so. Sometimes people get so entwined chasing what they want that they forget the things that they already have. This is so much truer than we would like to admit.

Monday, November 22, 2004

It's just...

Hari Raya is supposed to be about joy and happiness. Everyone knows that. Even the little ones. But have we ever stop for awhile and think about the people who don’t have the luxury of celebrating Raya? I used to. Once in awhile. But I never imagined the agony that comes with it until I myself became one of those people. Raya this time around came at such a bad time that I have no choice but to pretend to be happy at times just so to be in the festive mood like everyone else. People who celebrate Christmas has nickname called The Grinch and I don’t intend to be one for Raya.
Raya came in the middle of my Final Exams period. My car had to be sent to the workshop on the day I planned to drive back to KL. My FYP is still giving me headaches and these are just some of my problems. It doesn’t seem much but already I have a hard time coping. Then, I thought about the other Malaysians who were unfortunately unable to properly celebrate Raya. I thought about the policemen who had to set up roadblocks along the North-South highway so that people would remember to obey the speed limit. I thought about the TV show host who had to entertain the people of this country on the 1st morning of Syawal. How about those people at Telekom, Jabatan Air and Tenaga Nasional even? People would naturally expect that problems with phone lines, water supply and electricity to be absent but certainly want them to be gone immediately should the problems show up. And who could ever dismiss the 17-year-olds taking SPM? No one except themselves and their respective parents and guardians. I have a cousin who was in that position and all the other relatives could ask the first they see him was, “How is your SPM?’. I know that my cousin is not a 10 A student so I pretty much understand the awkwardness when he could only answer, “It’s OK”. Isn’t the torture enough already? It’s painful to have a major exam in the middle of Raya but to be constantly reminded of it? Jeopardizing the joyful feeling one supposed to be having at this time around? Some people have a strange way of making an acquaintance.
And the most painful incident that could happen when it comes to Raya is a death of a family member. I’m sure most of you have heard the morbid reminders going around on television sets and radio waves but those moments only last as long as those reminders were played. It’s true that this is the first time in 7 years my elder brother is celebrating Raya with the rest of the family. It’s also true that this is the first time ever my grandfather is not here to celebrate with us. It hit me quite hard. But not as hard as it hit my grandmother. Even though she is not the most compassionate of wives but for once I could sense how much she actually misses him. But there’s nothing I, her or anyone could do. Life just moves on. I have a distant uncle who lost his wife years back during Ramadhan. She died in her sleep and he only realize that when he tried to wake her up for sahur one morning. She left behind 4 daughters. My uncle was quite the joker once but not since then. He is a changed man. Everything became much more serious. It does that to a person. People say the toughest job in the world is being a parent. The only thing that could beat that is being a single parent. These events alone have kept me thinking so I cannot begin to imagine the amount of agony but for the unlucky people who lost their loved ones just days before or even during Raya celebrations. Especially when it involves a terrible death.

Fortunately though, bad times don’t have to last forever. Things will change and there’s always thing called hope. As for me, well, I should be returning to my normal self by the end of December. Hopefully, greener pastures waits ahead.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Remember that pizza hut girl?

we got more bounce in california than all of u combined~we got more bounce in california than all of u combined~

this song reminds of the girl at pizza hut yesterday.putih,gebu,molek and just screams 'touch me!touch me!'.haih..believe it or not,that has to be the highlight of the week.things has been rough for the last few days.tests,assignments,presentations,final drafts,u name it..everything want to submit.i had a deadline everyday nearly for the whole of past week."ha?esok dah kena present?","kau dah buat assignment blum?","hoh?ade test 3?"..and the merungut statements just goes on and on.

as for today,well,today i was supposed to submit my final draft (since forever),but unfortunately, i arrived at block 1 a tad too late and maharaja Low already dah kebarangkatan pulang.i was just left standing there outside his glass cubicle,grasping the door handle and staring at his empty desk(clearly been kemas elok2 on his departure from the office).so,i guess i have to mengadap baginda tomorrow morning then.and i have to dress times like these,it is the least i could do.

it's 2am,wednesday morning.3rd november..i think i have something coming up this end of the week,now, what was it?oh yeah, that's right,my final exams...CVID this friday.goodnes gracious could i have forgotten?oh wait,hold on,isn't there supposed to be some kind of study leave before the finals or anything like that?ops,again,slipped my mind..we don't HAVE that luxury this week?tsk tsk..

even my sleeping time is erratic lately.i have to readjust my biological clock just so that i dont fall asleep in the exam hall and make peta on my question papers.but at least my papers are all in the mornings,considering the bulan puasa thingy,so i guess it'll be ok.however, i still expect my stomach to make grumbling noises during those cold mornings..esp at MPH.fuck that place sure is freezing..

a piece of good news, the keling babi in front of my room(well,actually the 2nd floor) seems to have gone home.thank goodness.takdela aku kena dgr die buat kecoh2 2,3 o'clock in the morning.dahla main game,kalah,pastu buat bising2 cam riuh mak nenek.asses aa.ingat blok ni bapak kau punye?

haih..happy thoughts..happy thoughts..happy thoughts...hmm...c'mon postitive energy.damn..i cant think of any.ahh..there u go.even though it is actually just a dream from last night.or was it 2 nites ago?oh bother,nway,i cant get enough of her.everyday single day,'s a curse i tell u.its haunting is bewitching.the fact that i am able to resist all this while is even more unbelievable.well,it's the least thing that could make me smile anytime, aphrodisiac?maybe.true?god,i wish it is so but sadly no.

hmm..raya on the 14th eh?mom's biskut cornflakes and choc chip that's a happy thought! tambah pula dgn roast lamb leg and oven fresh lasagna...ooh..that is such a comforting n women..that's my niche n women.although,women n women is always a fun option.

find someone to love and live every day as though it's your last.
-words of wisdom-

Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Tranquil Sunday

valerie is sick again.haih..barely 24 hours after i picked her up.i took out all the garbage.i gave her the new sticker,i gave her a thorough bath (well,actually i paid someone to do that for me) and tomorrow's plan was to go ronda2 around ipoh.then this shait happens.she wouldn't start.not even a cough.not even a snicker.just dead silence.i found that out this evening.earlier that afternoon everything was fine (except for the power,which was lacking).just when my posse are about to go for param with eagerness,i stepped in,turned the ignition but nothing happen.i tried again.nothing.again and again until i'm left there bewildered."i do not deserve this",i said to a consequence,i have to sit here in my room and watch a crappy quality princess diaries 2 on my pc makes matter worse,it was such a boring movie.thank god i didn't pay 8 ringgit to tgv to watch it.oh,and guess what?it's a u even know how mind numbing it is to have nothing to do on a saturday nite? u have no choice but just to lebarkan punggung atas kerusi ni.
now, i have to postpone all my plans i have with valerie.that includes going out on particular with's been ages since i went out with her.same shit happened last sem when my left headlight refuse to naik.watpe?suluh bwh bumper?if this goes on i may have to watch the terminal through the network.and that alone is a depressing thought.
what if?i love this can tell lots of different stories.oh yeah,i suddenly remembered,sasa,if you're reading this,be it known to you that my parents are dying to meet u because they think ur 'the girl' and despite my constant denial they still speculate much to their delight.can't really blame them actually.everytime i go out,ur name usually pops out of my mouth.and guess who,among my female frens,most frequently visits my home?that's's u.see where this is going?i'm sorry,ok,coz i dont usually have close female frens.well,not since i was 9.but even then,none of them have ever reached my house.nways,the point is,no more surprise visits.please..i beg of u.i am not ready for the embarassment of the lifetime.unless,of course my parents are not at home then u are most welcome to drop by.any further enquiries?u know how to reach me.
oh another thing,i almost forgot about aida.i remembered her complaining i that barely mention her name in my blog.i knew she was kidding but at the same time i knew it was here it is.actually,i currently have no awesome stories to tell about her.i thing i can tell u is that up to this day,i still don't get her.i mean,some of her perangai still baffles me.i'd like to think that i get her but the truth is, i don''s not really a bad thing just..weird.for me at least.i've know her for years and yet...but make no mistake,i love her as a fren.her company is always enjoyable.she would talk about everything and i would just listen.sometimes she would stop and ask me,"weih,nape diam?".i would say a few words and she would continue to bebebe.truth is,i didn;t want to interrupt.haha as if.
oh look,it's already sunday morning.more like sunday afternoon.seriously,to ppl like me,sunday mornings are like myths.ppl have talked about it but none are brave enough to actually experience it.apart from the noise coming from the construction site next door,it's a tranquil sunday.quiet and still.ppl seem less mobile on sundays.esp university myself.i guess i have to get mobile today.gotta check out val.not to mention my watch at parade.the tokeh's last words to me were,"in a few days,i'll call u, ok?".2 weeks later n still no me?how about my ass?u wannna talk to that?n i was also dumb enuff to get the store's number.reason?i do not know.
i guess that's it fer 2dei.arriverderci.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Ara n me

The impeccable Zaharah Izat n me.A 1.5 girl.if only she is more berisi.she's too thin.too fragile as if.put on some weight and i'l definitely give her a 1.and some big boobs.yes,big boobs always work.for those of you who are looking at this pic,i have a question: muka sape lagi bulat?(hint:it's not me).u know what?by looking at his pic again,i can conclude 2 things.1st,aida is one lousy tukang amik gamba and 2nd,why the hell is nebu in the background?

frm left:Puteri Aina,1 blessed man,Aisha n Dana

to those who enquired (note:ity nadira),the lady in black is Aisha,and she has arguably the finest looking ass in my batch.most of my housemates would agree with me on this although i will not reveal names as they prefer to remain anonymous.but still,she does have a fine looking ass.
i have my fyp presentation the next day.yet,i still have time to post something.just because it makes me happy.and in saat2 genting spt skrg,it is important to be happy.eventhough it is 4am and my eyes are already lebam.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sex Kitten~

The sex kitten n me

haha..gile takde keje sial mlm ni.padahal ade test sblm aku nak start study,adlh lebih baik kite post blog sambil meng'insert'kan gamba cikas.sib baik la die berpakaian sopan.walhal...there is a very masyuk body under those clothes.haha..demms..haih..i am so have these beautiful sexy ppl around me.oh..i feel like's..soo..beautiful.. :~).
nways,more will come soon.oh it will be so much fun doing that.if only i could find the time...curse u fyp!

ish lambatnye nak loading page la connection cam lianciao.asik2 border manager.assess aa.kalau ass shu takpe gak.bole aku lite spank.ish nape la aku fetish sgt kat shu ni.padahal penah kuar skali je.terus sangap.demm these pheromones.but talking about asses,aisha's that nite was..whoa..beyond words.sgt la menarik.tinggal nak kena tepuk tak dpt la kan.satgi kalau aku buat betul,maunye kena pelekung dgn dulang.dahla gamba takde.bergamba dgn die harusla kena amik dr depan.aku nak yg dr blkg.haha..mmg la tak dpt.takpela...there's always a next time.haa..dpt pun page 'post a new blog',hu yeah~

Monday, October 04, 2004

A Lady and Her Car

this happened yesterday.i was on my way to mid was the weekends so the traffic was bitchy.this incident happened near the pekeliling bus station where costruction work on the road had been going on for ages.bottleneck traffic as was during these times that i amuse myself by looking at other people's car.u know,just in case they were driving a murcielago or cl55 amg. so there i was,in the car,doing 100 metres/hour, when something caught my eye.2 lanes to my right was a lady,early 30's i might say,a thin figure,could hardly push a cart full of groceries,sporting a brown tudung and a flowery blouse.a typical type of woman u would expect to see at school grounds around noon picking up her 3 kids. but do u know what she was a driving?a dark blue n gleaming R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.i was watching this lady in awe as she was fiddling through the traffic in a very makcik kind of way.then a car of 3 guys came up between me and the skyline and they too were watching in astonishment.really,i could understand their bewilderment.when the traffic finally cleared, i could only smile and nod in aknowledgement as she went through the PWTC exit.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Diary of Miss Keys

it was a beautiful the morning light streamed into my room window..with the twin towers in the silhouette,silent and peace beckons,in this moment..all i can that i am happy.

yesterday was the 1st of wasn't really a special date or anything but on 1st october 2004,a certain alicia keys came to malaysia and i was there for the performance.maybe for someone from manhattan attending an alicia keys concert is not that big a deal but from my personal point of view,considering all the difficulties that i had to endure,it was something to cherish.

promotion for the concert was made about a month ago and although the desire was there but uncertainty played a bigger of the morning of september 30th,i had no tickets,no car and only a vague plan on how to get to kl.but as many times before, I’ve always managed to achieve my objective.

to start off,i didn't have any mates to go with.seriously,u can't ask ur male frens to go with u to an alicia keys concert.that is so not right.for band concerts yes but solo r&b female artiste?na'ah.big no no.concerts like these,u gotta have a female companion.n the only female companion that i can think of n as excited as I am about the concert was zalina.but she said she had plans to go with her fren from seremban.alright fine.nothing much i can do about that.then 1 day she had a change of heart and told me that she would prefer to go with a UTP mate.guess who jumped on the bandwagon?

so,we started to make plans.this was earlier in the week.around monday or tuesday.nway,the first prob was the tickets.we didn't have any.and they are only sold at kl and penang.bummer ain't it?as sasa was also eager to join the club,we decided to ask for her help in purchasing those tickets.but she was only starting a new job that week so time was tight.weird isn't it?she had loads of time before but i had no favors to ask her whatsoever then suddenly one pops up and she was becoming a career woman. a tease of fate?u tell me.however,i asked for her help anyway.unfortunately though,time was truly scarce and she reached the ticket counter at the actor's studio in bangsar at 7pm.the counter closed at 6.30.from the tone of her voice when she called me to tell me the bad news i can tell that she was even more frustrated than I was.things didn't look good and i had to find someone else to help me out.i couldn't bother my parents as they were busy preparing for sister had no car.haih..then suddenly a name came to paisan who i could always rely on whenever I’m in trouble...carlo gambino.but i had to transfer the money 1st to his bank account and that required a bit of effort as i had to ask another favor from tomok to hitch me a ride to maybank batu gajah.good news finally came at thursday 11.30pm when the purchase of the tickets was confirmed.only then could i plan properly with zalina.

we set off from UTP the next day at 1pm.throughout the journey to kl i could think of was the time the trip would take and the obscene kl traffic at dusk that awaits us.we reached at my home around,mandi and makan semua till about 6.i thought that was about enough time to get us wrong I was.apparently my plan of collecting the tickets from gambino on the way to sasa's house proved to be a huge mistake.the journey from gombak to ampang then to pantai dlm had enabled me to experience nearly all the crawl of death of kl. ampang itself was already a hassle.then frm jln ampang to the outskirts of klcc to the haunting bulatan was truly a driver's nightmare.add in myself,an auto-transmission kind of person driving zalina's manual satria,it gets worse.i think i pulled a muscle on my left leg.zalina even fell asleep.couldn't really blame her.i would've done the same too. The traffic was that hideous. the plan was to get to sasa's house by 7.singgah at her place for a while,make acquaintance with the parents n then turned out we arrived at sasa's at 8.40 and i made contact with the parents only on the way to the loo.2 1/2 hours of traffic could do that to u.but somehow,lady luck finally smiled upon us and the journey to stadium negara only took about 15 people had already gone inside, there weren't much traffic outside of the venue. so parking was quick..but expensive (no surprises there).as we were in a hurry there was no time to argue so i just paid the man 5 bucks.when we finally entered the stadium,miss keys just came out performing her 1st song.we just got there in time.and for the next 2 hours we were presented with a musical spectacle.for the cheapest seating i'd say we had a pretty good view of was probably the fact that the stadium was not really that big so everyone had a good view.and i had ample space at my seatings.which was good.
the show was upbeat all the way except for butterfly(one of my high points) and if i ain't got u.she was always improvising her songs (as many r&b artistes tend to do esp in alicia's case where she writes her own songs)so the crowd weren't really able to sing they scream.which is kind of annoying.but to me the best part was when she climbed on to her piano in a very sexy and seductive kind of way.but i couldn't make out the song.becoz the crowd was once again screaming.i guess i was too.but then again,who wouldn't?she came back for an encore.3 times i think.that was really nice.but when the show really ended i couldn't help myself from feeling very proud n satisfied.after all the trouble,we finally made it to the concert.alll in the nick of time.zalina drove me back home before heading off back to sasa's.

eventhough i was left all alone in my house last nite, that didn't stop me from falling soundly asleep.smiling...

Monday, September 27, 2004

A Good Day...

it's been a good day.not really a good week but certainly a good day.this joyful feeling is owed all to the triumphant IT contingent of UTP's Track n Field Championship.miraculously, IT won the overall standings..exceeding everyone's expectations including my own.all the other engineering programs fell flat on their faces.even IS did remarkably,if you're a technology student of UTP,then today was a good day.

it's been quite awhile since i put anything in this blog.about 2 weeks i think.slightly's not that nothing happened in those 2 weeks,it's just that i was being my usual lazy self.i went through quite a lot actually,during that period of time.among them the ghoul expedition.

it was officially named the 'AIG XPDC utk mencari makhluk halus'.this was all inspired from the ENTITI/BUKTI which based on my personal experience,the scariest footage i have ever seen.i was scared shitless.i became restless,insomniac and paranoid for the next few nights thanks to that was that frightening.Blair Witch n Ju-On was laughable becoz u know they were fakes but this..well,this one was more closer to home and a little bit too real for comfort.
anyway,the expedition was a failure becoz in the end we didn't came across any ENTITI so to speak.but the journey itself was absolutely thrilling.i didn't know about the others but throughout the journey i was all expecting a sudden tap on the shoulder or a warm breath breathing down my neck.the feeling of anticipation alone is an adrenaline rush itself. we went to a jungle in pitch black darkness,an ancient castle and a cemetary but with nothing to show in the end.the 30 minutes video became a dull product except for the people who were in it (which were us).

the next day,however,was a whole different a period which seemed like eternity,aida asked me out.just out of the blue.typical aida.i wish eiwa would have done the same.but that's not the best part.the best part was she brought along some of her housemates with of them was the sex kitten shuhaida.i was happy beyond words.for the first time i realized that she has the sexiest eyebrows i have ever seen.i didn't know eyebrows could be sexy but there they were.unadulterated,fine and sexy eyebrows.and we're just talking about eyebrows here.not yet other parts of her body..which i would be more than happy to explore should i be given the chance.i more thing i couldn't stand her is that she possesses the marisa tomei was just absolutely adorable.makes u dream about kissing them.
nothing much happened that night.just a contemporary dinner at moven's peak and a failed plan to catch a midnite we went karok's a horrible word that 'karok' thing but catchy nonetheless.

valerie is still in the workshop.more than 2 weeks now.god i miss driving.and the privilege of asking out for a date.seriously,u don't have the right to ask a girl out for a date unless u have some mode of transportation of ur own.esp when ur a's not that i go out on dates on a regular basis but it is nice to know that u can..should u seek here we car,no dates,no fun.well,actually not 'no fun' but 'less fun'.what's more i just watched the clive owen bmw ads and they were awesome.just makes u more eager to get behind some wheels.

i also recently realized that NASA just fooled me for the past 40 years.well,not just me but most people in the world.we didn't land on the moon.i just watched a feature entitled 'Conspiracy Theory:Did We Land on the Moon?'.after seeing the show i am now convinced that we didn't.nobody did.not even the least they are willing to admit to that.but the americans?na'ah.all bullshit.all the pictures and videos..the so called "proof" appeared fake and suspicious as pointed out by former photography ans space experts.a few days after that,i found out that once again NASA had tricked me.this time on a personal basis.u know the X-1R engine treatment?piece of bull.instead of cleaning up ur engine,it leaves carbonic residue inside ur of the reasons my crankshaft got makan.apart from the fact that i may have pushed it too hard on the way back to ipoh during the treasure technology my ass.

let's see..what else..what else..oh love life...unfortunately,it has become more complicated than ever.this is what u get when u fall in love with someone ur not suppossed to.and it hurts when there is nothing that u can do about it.any attempt will only worsen the situation.see the irony?

today also marks another succesful home made video in the nik sme series.this episode's called 'the ain phonecall'.this one's a classic but only restricted to guys.

and finally,my housemates had gotten to know the impeccable and truly adorable mid.i'm sorry ity but ur best fren is just too cute to be ignored.but we all still agree that ur chest..i mean,u.. are one of the best things to have happened in our lives.

well,i guess that is all for today.hopefully i will be more rajin next time to fill in my blog.cheers.
if all goes well,i;m going to see alicia keys 1st oct.wish me luck.along with a freshen up valerie.

Friday, September 10, 2004

a sophie kinsella fan and me

have any of u ever heard of sophie kinsella?if u do then u will probably heard of the term 'shopahlic' coined by this woman.u see,shopaholic is a disease.a disease only experienced mostly by women.just like breast have been known to suffer from it but rarely have u herad about it but women..almost all the time.same case here.most of the women i know suffer from this disease.including my 20 year old sister.but to varying degrees.some at an early stage and has a chance of recovering while others..are at the point of no return.medication can only be found at trendy shopping malls.
to bring into perspective,i went out with a shopaholic today.i couldn't reveal her real name as she would kick my ass if i do.haha..she just came online.pjg umur..
nways,this girl..err...let's give her a about paris?ok?so,earlier today, i went out with paris.u see, paris is a shopaholic.quite at an advanced stage too but her shopaholic senses only kicks in intervally.meaning kinda like seizures.and when gets into gear,expect a few hundred ringgits to fly by just like that.
so,there we were,suria klcc,where everything is under the sun.primary objective is to get birthday presents for her elder sisters.but u have to understand,with a shopaholic,there is bound to be a few bonus objectives around the corner that will just pop out suddenly along the,again,there we were and we did,well,she did actually,managed to get all the presents that she set out to buy.then she had this unfulfilling need that needs to be satisfied (as if that's something new) which end us up at a lingerie store counter paying for a variety of panties and u know how many types of underwear a woman has at her disposal?it's phenomenal.but that's a different story.then,came MAC.she told me how she needed to get some fresh blot powder.or was it compact powder?i couldn't quite recall..nway,just a blot powder..that's what she told me.but with her being a huge fan of MAC and all..i had this gut feeling that she will be coming out with more than just a blot powder.add in a very persuasive saleswoman and u get a very good picture where this was heading.a lifetime later,fortunately,paris came out...with just a blot powder.she seemed happy.i was relieved.i dare not look at the saleswoman.end of story?no.the word 'concealer' just couldn't stop coming out of her mouth.oh dear.i just hoped that she didn't left her purse back at the store on purpose just so to find a reason to return there.the moment we left zara, i instinctively knew that another trip to MAC is bound to happen.u could sense that her mind was preoccupied with the concealer issue the way she was merely flicking through zara's blouses and,what happens next?u guessed it.she went MAC.this time she did came out with a brand new concealer and she was gleaming.she seemed happier than before.i'm sure joyce(the saleswoman) was for me?well,paris never fails to amuse me.
later on that night,she went back to suria,this time with her family to celebrate her sister's birthday.a good ol fashion get together family dinner.yet,somehow,between the appetizers and the main course,i suppose,she found enough time to pay a 2nd visit to the same lingerie store and bought herself an eye mask.with the word 'sexy' emblazoned across it glittering in a diamond-like manner.
as i sat here,looking at my monitor,with that news coming from her IM yahoo msgr, i couldn't help but smile.some people play golf...others play video games...and there are a few who shop to keep them happy.just ask sophie kinsella.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

i went to Rome yesterday and I though this place where I had lunch looked nice so snapped a pic Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's a first...

greetings and good day to you all.first i would like to welcome u to my humble's not much really..just so to provide myself with some self amusement and probably provide some to u too.there's nothing better thanspread joy to other people.whoever they may be.right,let's move on.this is my first entry into this blogspot of mine but it isn't,however,my first ever blog online.i posted another blog apart from myspace.once.and it was depressing.somehow,it jusn't felt,with a little of persuasion from my fellow colleagues,i created my first blogger account.congratulations to,how shall we start?let's see..usually people start off by talking about their day.okay day..well,i'm on a midterm break.that means i'm at home with loads of free time.that also means if i'm a 40 year old coming back from a 7-day business trip around the whole continent of africa then lounging myself at home with a cup of tea from cameron highlands with the morning paper in my left hand would be heaven but that is not the case.i am a hormone raving 22 year old who could easily be indulged in boredom within 3,i had to go out.even with my car stuck in the workshop,i just had to go out.and out i went.i make it sound all dramatic didn't i?but in truth i just went to see a movie.2 actually.avp and collateral.and u know what?i kinda like it.both of em.avp was exciting and collateral is people find them average is beyond me.never mind the girls,even the boys couldn't quite agree with me.what's the deal?the reason i find them compelling is probably based on the fact that i watched the sisters 2 days do i ever regret seeing that.horror movie my ass.i fell asleep barely halfway through the movie.if that is what u call a was slow,dreary storyline,the makeup sucks and it pretty much reminds me of ju-on.i mean like c'mon.i've wasted 8 ringgit of my moneyand 2 hours of my time for my list of terrible movies i watched at the cinemas,it's down there with hard rain and lizzie mcguire was a dreadful experience i tell u.if i could delete the memory of me watching it,i would have gone and did it.really.god to honest truth.
haih..isn't venice beautiful.this is my pathetic attempt to change the topic but really,wouldn't u agree that venice is a such a beautiful place to be at?the reason this came up because i just came across a website that lets u view of places of interests actually..from all over the world.anywhere.just from ur if u could travel anywhere in the world by just the click of ur's first i thought it was a lame idea too but after i browsed through i just realized that it isn't such a bad idea after all.for sad and depressed individuals such as myself who couldn't afford plane tickets to europe orthe carribeans every other weekend,it offers the perfect gateway.well,not really perfect but it the past 30 minutes i just went around venice,tuscany and rome.beat that.
so i guess that should do it for my first time we'll explore deeper issues.and when i say deeper issues i mean women.we male species just couldn't get enough of the opposite sex.even if they drive us crazy at times.hey,it's a guy thing.till then,good day!

ladies and gentlemen...i present u venice