Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Tranquil Sunday

valerie is sick again.haih..barely 24 hours after i picked her up.i took out all the garbage.i gave her the new sticker,i gave her a thorough bath (well,actually i paid someone to do that for me) and tomorrow's plan was to go ronda2 around ipoh.then this shait happens.she wouldn't start.not even a cough.not even a snicker.just dead silence.i found that out this evening.earlier that afternoon everything was fine (except for the power,which was lacking).just when my posse are about to go for param with eagerness,i stepped in,turned the ignition but nothing happen.i tried again.nothing.again and again until i'm left there bewildered."i do not deserve this",i said to a consequence,i have to sit here in my room and watch a crappy quality princess diaries 2 on my pc makes matter worse,it was such a boring movie.thank god i didn't pay 8 ringgit to tgv to watch it.oh,and guess what?it's a u even know how mind numbing it is to have nothing to do on a saturday nite? u have no choice but just to lebarkan punggung atas kerusi ni.
now, i have to postpone all my plans i have with valerie.that includes going out on particular with's been ages since i went out with her.same shit happened last sem when my left headlight refuse to naik.watpe?suluh bwh bumper?if this goes on i may have to watch the terminal through the network.and that alone is a depressing thought.
what if?i love this can tell lots of different stories.oh yeah,i suddenly remembered,sasa,if you're reading this,be it known to you that my parents are dying to meet u because they think ur 'the girl' and despite my constant denial they still speculate much to their delight.can't really blame them actually.everytime i go out,ur name usually pops out of my mouth.and guess who,among my female frens,most frequently visits my home?that's's u.see where this is going?i'm sorry,ok,coz i dont usually have close female frens.well,not since i was 9.but even then,none of them have ever reached my house.nways,the point is,no more surprise visits.please..i beg of u.i am not ready for the embarassment of the lifetime.unless,of course my parents are not at home then u are most welcome to drop by.any further enquiries?u know how to reach me.
oh another thing,i almost forgot about aida.i remembered her complaining i that barely mention her name in my blog.i knew she was kidding but at the same time i knew it was here it is.actually,i currently have no awesome stories to tell about her.i thing i can tell u is that up to this day,i still don't get her.i mean,some of her perangai still baffles me.i'd like to think that i get her but the truth is, i don''s not really a bad thing just..weird.for me at least.i've know her for years and yet...but make no mistake,i love her as a fren.her company is always enjoyable.she would talk about everything and i would just listen.sometimes she would stop and ask me,"weih,nape diam?".i would say a few words and she would continue to bebebe.truth is,i didn;t want to interrupt.haha as if.
oh look,it's already sunday morning.more like sunday afternoon.seriously,to ppl like me,sunday mornings are like myths.ppl have talked about it but none are brave enough to actually experience it.apart from the noise coming from the construction site next door,it's a tranquil sunday.quiet and still.ppl seem less mobile on sundays.esp university myself.i guess i have to get mobile today.gotta check out val.not to mention my watch at parade.the tokeh's last words to me were,"in a few days,i'll call u, ok?".2 weeks later n still no me?how about my ass?u wannna talk to that?n i was also dumb enuff to get the store's number.reason?i do not know.
i guess that's it fer 2dei.arriverderci.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Ara n me

The impeccable Zaharah Izat n me.A 1.5 girl.if only she is more berisi.she's too thin.too fragile as if.put on some weight and i'l definitely give her a 1.and some big boobs.yes,big boobs always work.for those of you who are looking at this pic,i have a question: muka sape lagi bulat?(hint:it's not me).u know what?by looking at his pic again,i can conclude 2 things.1st,aida is one lousy tukang amik gamba and 2nd,why the hell is nebu in the background?

frm left:Puteri Aina,1 blessed man,Aisha n Dana

to those who enquired (note:ity nadira),the lady in black is Aisha,and she has arguably the finest looking ass in my batch.most of my housemates would agree with me on this although i will not reveal names as they prefer to remain anonymous.but still,she does have a fine looking ass.
i have my fyp presentation the next day.yet,i still have time to post something.just because it makes me happy.and in saat2 genting spt skrg,it is important to be happy.eventhough it is 4am and my eyes are already lebam.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sex Kitten~

The sex kitten n me

haha..gile takde keje sial mlm ni.padahal ade test sblm aku nak start study,adlh lebih baik kite post blog sambil meng'insert'kan gamba cikas.sib baik la die berpakaian sopan.walhal...there is a very masyuk body under those clothes.haha..demms..haih..i am so have these beautiful sexy ppl around me.oh..i feel like's..soo..beautiful.. :~).
nways,more will come soon.oh it will be so much fun doing that.if only i could find the time...curse u fyp!

ish lambatnye nak loading page la connection cam lianciao.asik2 border manager.assess aa.kalau ass shu takpe gak.bole aku lite spank.ish nape la aku fetish sgt kat shu ni.padahal penah kuar skali je.terus sangap.demm these pheromones.but talking about asses,aisha's that nite was..whoa..beyond words.sgt la menarik.tinggal nak kena tepuk tak dpt la kan.satgi kalau aku buat betul,maunye kena pelekung dgn dulang.dahla gamba takde.bergamba dgn die harusla kena amik dr depan.aku nak yg dr blkg.haha..mmg la tak dpt.takpela...there's always a next time.haa..dpt pun page 'post a new blog',hu yeah~

Monday, October 04, 2004

A Lady and Her Car

this happened yesterday.i was on my way to mid was the weekends so the traffic was bitchy.this incident happened near the pekeliling bus station where costruction work on the road had been going on for ages.bottleneck traffic as was during these times that i amuse myself by looking at other people's car.u know,just in case they were driving a murcielago or cl55 amg. so there i was,in the car,doing 100 metres/hour, when something caught my eye.2 lanes to my right was a lady,early 30's i might say,a thin figure,could hardly push a cart full of groceries,sporting a brown tudung and a flowery blouse.a typical type of woman u would expect to see at school grounds around noon picking up her 3 kids. but do u know what she was a driving?a dark blue n gleaming R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.i was watching this lady in awe as she was fiddling through the traffic in a very makcik kind of way.then a car of 3 guys came up between me and the skyline and they too were watching in astonishment.really,i could understand their bewilderment.when the traffic finally cleared, i could only smile and nod in aknowledgement as she went through the PWTC exit.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Diary of Miss Keys

it was a beautiful the morning light streamed into my room window..with the twin towers in the silhouette,silent and peace beckons,in this moment..all i can that i am happy.

yesterday was the 1st of wasn't really a special date or anything but on 1st october 2004,a certain alicia keys came to malaysia and i was there for the performance.maybe for someone from manhattan attending an alicia keys concert is not that big a deal but from my personal point of view,considering all the difficulties that i had to endure,it was something to cherish.

promotion for the concert was made about a month ago and although the desire was there but uncertainty played a bigger of the morning of september 30th,i had no tickets,no car and only a vague plan on how to get to kl.but as many times before, I’ve always managed to achieve my objective.

to start off,i didn't have any mates to go with.seriously,u can't ask ur male frens to go with u to an alicia keys concert.that is so not right.for band concerts yes but solo r&b female artiste?na'ah.big no no.concerts like these,u gotta have a female companion.n the only female companion that i can think of n as excited as I am about the concert was zalina.but she said she had plans to go with her fren from seremban.alright fine.nothing much i can do about that.then 1 day she had a change of heart and told me that she would prefer to go with a UTP mate.guess who jumped on the bandwagon?

so,we started to make plans.this was earlier in the week.around monday or tuesday.nway,the first prob was the tickets.we didn't have any.and they are only sold at kl and penang.bummer ain't it?as sasa was also eager to join the club,we decided to ask for her help in purchasing those tickets.but she was only starting a new job that week so time was tight.weird isn't it?she had loads of time before but i had no favors to ask her whatsoever then suddenly one pops up and she was becoming a career woman. a tease of fate?u tell me.however,i asked for her help anyway.unfortunately though,time was truly scarce and she reached the ticket counter at the actor's studio in bangsar at 7pm.the counter closed at 6.30.from the tone of her voice when she called me to tell me the bad news i can tell that she was even more frustrated than I was.things didn't look good and i had to find someone else to help me out.i couldn't bother my parents as they were busy preparing for sister had no car.haih..then suddenly a name came to paisan who i could always rely on whenever I’m in trouble...carlo gambino.but i had to transfer the money 1st to his bank account and that required a bit of effort as i had to ask another favor from tomok to hitch me a ride to maybank batu gajah.good news finally came at thursday 11.30pm when the purchase of the tickets was confirmed.only then could i plan properly with zalina.

we set off from UTP the next day at 1pm.throughout the journey to kl i could think of was the time the trip would take and the obscene kl traffic at dusk that awaits us.we reached at my home around,mandi and makan semua till about 6.i thought that was about enough time to get us wrong I was.apparently my plan of collecting the tickets from gambino on the way to sasa's house proved to be a huge mistake.the journey from gombak to ampang then to pantai dlm had enabled me to experience nearly all the crawl of death of kl. ampang itself was already a hassle.then frm jln ampang to the outskirts of klcc to the haunting bulatan was truly a driver's nightmare.add in myself,an auto-transmission kind of person driving zalina's manual satria,it gets worse.i think i pulled a muscle on my left leg.zalina even fell asleep.couldn't really blame her.i would've done the same too. The traffic was that hideous. the plan was to get to sasa's house by 7.singgah at her place for a while,make acquaintance with the parents n then turned out we arrived at sasa's at 8.40 and i made contact with the parents only on the way to the loo.2 1/2 hours of traffic could do that to u.but somehow,lady luck finally smiled upon us and the journey to stadium negara only took about 15 people had already gone inside, there weren't much traffic outside of the venue. so parking was quick..but expensive (no surprises there).as we were in a hurry there was no time to argue so i just paid the man 5 bucks.when we finally entered the stadium,miss keys just came out performing her 1st song.we just got there in time.and for the next 2 hours we were presented with a musical spectacle.for the cheapest seating i'd say we had a pretty good view of was probably the fact that the stadium was not really that big so everyone had a good view.and i had ample space at my seatings.which was good.
the show was upbeat all the way except for butterfly(one of my high points) and if i ain't got u.she was always improvising her songs (as many r&b artistes tend to do esp in alicia's case where she writes her own songs)so the crowd weren't really able to sing they scream.which is kind of annoying.but to me the best part was when she climbed on to her piano in a very sexy and seductive kind of way.but i couldn't make out the song.becoz the crowd was once again screaming.i guess i was too.but then again,who wouldn't?she came back for an encore.3 times i think.that was really nice.but when the show really ended i couldn't help myself from feeling very proud n satisfied.after all the trouble,we finally made it to the concert.alll in the nick of time.zalina drove me back home before heading off back to sasa's.

eventhough i was left all alone in my house last nite, that didn't stop me from falling soundly asleep.smiling...