Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Misadventures of The Boy

Boy went to class. Boy was bored. Boy went meet former school mates after class. Boy had some fun. But boy had to go home coz boy got homework to do. Must submit tomorrow if not, boy’s lecturer will scold boy. Then boy got phonecall. Another fren asked to go join him for a movie. Boy not sure. Boy in dilemma. Boy was thinking, boy go movie or boy do homework? Boy was undecided. Plus, of boy go movie, boy can meet pretty girl friend. Boy long time no see pretty girl friend. So boy took gamble, boy tell friend he go movie. And then, turns out boy did not go movie coz too many people. Boy disappointed. But, nevertheless happy coz get to meet pretty girl friend. Coz no movie, boy and frens go eat and have little chit chat. After that, all go home.

Now boy sit in front of computer. Boy write blog. Homework still not started. Boy looked at watch, 1.12 am. Boy so deep in trouble.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

An Evening with Ara

As an optimist, I’m a firm believer in the concept of blessings in disguises. So when my evening class today was cancelled due to the lecturer’s ill health, I thought, oh hell, now that’s another class needed replacement at another time and day. My supposedly free time this Friday evening is already out of the window so another brouhaha like this was certainly not welcomed. Sure, another free evening for today but at a future price. Haih….

In an attempt to kill time, the 3 management students (Nabil, Puteri Shariza and myself) opted to loiter around Suria. We went to Kinokuniya and Tower and although I was pleased to stumble upon Incubus’ original Morning View Sessions DVD, things weren’t really exciting enough for me.I wanted to do something more meaningful but I had no idea. Sure enough, soon Nabil and Sha decided to end the little field trip and went home but I stood there at the LRT station, not feeling quite ready to head home. So I pulled out my SL55 and the first name to pop out of my head was Aida. So I dialed the number. A little drink with her would be fun. As bad luck would've put it, she was out with her mother at Mid Valley. Just arrived, she said. Well, so much for the anticipation. Then, I thought, what about Ara? Well, why not? It was a bit daring but what do I got to lose? And so I called her. As expected, she was at home doing nothing so I asked her out for a drink. You cannot imagine my joy when said yes. I was grinning all the way to Taman Melati.

About 40 minutes later, stationary in front of her home with Valerie, watching Ara walking towards me from the driver’s seat is an image I will forever savour in my mind. It was something like out of a dream. As if she was moving in slow motion and wind was blowing in her hair. And she was wearing a white baby-T, and oh, how I love white baby-Ts.

Initially she suggested NZ and I ws like the hell we will. My first one-on-one drink with Ara and there’s no way I’m gonna spend that time at a mamak outlet. Surely the occasion derserves a much better ambience. So I took her to her favorite place to chill, Ampang Coffee Bean. I normally prefer Starbucks to Coffee Bean but all that thought was immaterial.

As we started talking, I found out we are not that different as I thought we would be. Although she prefers to shake her booty at Zouk rather than sing along to a couple tunes in front of a TV in a darkened room, we had quite a few things in common.

She is quite the family oriented when she declares Sunday as a family day which is, pretty much the same case as mine. And her answer to my question of when is your deadline in settling down was, “…first I have to be successful enough to get myself a house,”. And that says quite a lot. When most people I meet prefer to get married first and ask questions later, she was more into settling her own life first and then before deciding who she wants to share her life with. And she watched all 6 Star Wars movies, I mean, how fuckin’ cool is that? And she loved them all! Oh I was stunned speechless.

We went on talking about our lives, our ambitions, what we hate, what we love, it was one of the most insightful conversations I had in a long time. Before we knew it, it was already 7 pm. Time to send the lass home. She has to be at home by Maghrib and I thought that is just so adorable.

In total we spent about 3 hours talking and drinking coffee. It was, well, beautiful. What more can I say? Although I doubt it she would classify this as an official date but I'd like to think otherwise. And her reply when I asked her if I could take her out again next time?


I sang all the way home.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An Evening with Ity

The KLCC Convention Centre is certainly huge. With all the suit-wearing people walking along the massive hallway, I couldn’t help myself but feel a little bit intimidated and out of place. But once Ity came into view from her exhibition booth, everything suddenly felt calming and refreshed.
The last time I saw Ity was a couple of months ago, even before I started the MICPA hullabaloo. That’s at least 2 months ago. Even then, I only saw her, at most 10 minutes. So you can say it was a case of too little too late. Followed by last week’s mishap, I thought, lady luck is surely against me in meeting up with this girl. But turns out, fate wasn’t that cruel and I did get to spend time with her. Twice. In consecutive days. Yesterday at the Ascott, where she was staying and my, what a bloody nice place. Owning an apartment there are what dreams are made of. Although, I didn’t actually go up to her place, just the vicinity of the area but still, I couldn’t help but be impressed. And today, at the Oil and Gas Asia Exhibition. In the years I’ve known her, I have become accustomed to seeing her in her fun and trendy mode if not her drowsy-just-woke-up-Sunday-morning look. When she came to greet me wearing this suit, I just thought, “Wow, now that’s a version of Ity I never saw before,”. As if she was projecting this classy and sophisticated woman of the corporate world vibe. It was kind of pleasing. Different but rather thrilling nonetheless. But once we got into a conversation, ah yes, it’s still the same Ity I know. Just in a different packaging. And she was working so hard at the booth that poor girl. But every time she looks up, she always have a smile for me. Despite her constant complaining of how her feet are killing her from standing all day long. It was when she is about to leave at the end of the day that I felt rather poignant watching her disappear from view as I descended down the escalator to the underground walkway. I just have this gut feeling that the next time I’ll see her will be in another few months time. An unrelinquished farewell filled with pathos.

One would question my reasons in chronicling everything from a, basically a simple evening rendezvous with a close friend. I must admit it’s not as if anything dramatic or of momentous event had took place that needed the world’s attention. But on a personal level, I just felt obliged to put something down, perhaps as an aptly reminder of a nice evening with Ity. The only regret that I have was she wouldn’t let me pinch her cheek (did that came out wrong?).

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

...and she was wearing pink

Today I almost, unintentionally flirted with someone’s wife.

It was lunchtime and I just getting comfortable at my table with Nabil when my eye caught a group of three women sitting a few tables away. Two of the more ordinary looking of them were facing away from me but I was looking right across this single one. And I tell you she was absolutely gorgeous. With a face you’re sure is as sweet as sugar by just looking at her. And her smile, oh, a smile so alluring that would render the whole crowd silent.

She was so captivating that I can’t take my eyes off of her and it was just a matter of time before she notices. Normally I would back off in embarrassment but it was too good to be missed in so that I still catch a few glances now and then. I noticed her, she noticed me, I noticed that she noticed me and I was definitely sure she noticed that I noticed that she noticed. A thought really did came up to me to walk up to her and say, “Yes, I do believe it’s time we’ve met,” and probably exchange phone numbers. But, as fate would put it, she put both her hands up under her chin and there lay bare….her wedding ring. I could only look down and giggle in amusement. Whew, that was close. But, upon her departure, she had to walk by past where I was sitting and for one final moment, another brief glance to each other and she gave the slightest of smiles. It happened in a split second but it was as if she uttered, “Sorry, hon, but I’m already taken,” and all I could say was, “Yes, ma’am,” in acknowledgement.

Now, before you get all dismissive and start throwing accusations that I have a thing for older women, may I point out she was a young and again, fine looking woman. Any bloke would’ve mistaken her for a singleton. As if none of you came across any gorgeous MILFs. She probably had only been married for two years, at the most. I was just unlucky, gentlemen, just unlucky. If it hadn’t been for that one piece of jewelry, the story might have been different.

So, what have we learnt from today’s lesson? Don’t flirt with someone’s wife? Nooo. Au contraire, by all means please do because it’s a hell of a fun. And that is the important message for today. Flirting is fun. And those that don’t involve words are the best.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June: The Good, The Bad and Just Plain Naughty

It is that time of the year again when every living football fans around the world look at each other and ask themselves, “Now, what?”

Summer is here and that means football season is over. On a happy note, I am certainly over the moon with Chelsea’s achievement in conquering the English Premiership and although in view of envy, I would’ve liked to see Milan triumph but the European Champions League Final was truly one of the enjoyable ones I’ve seen in years. But, unlike last year when we had Euro 2004 to cherish, this year there’s, well, nothing. At best I could point out are the World Cup qualifiers and the Confed… no that’s not even worth mentioning.

Other than that, there’s noting much to commemorate about in June. If I am a 17 year old living in a place called Orange County then yes, summer would be the time of the year for me. School’s out for months, I could put on my shorts, head to the beach and watch scantily clad young blondes playing beach volleyball. But here in Malaysia, those things do not happen. As far as we Easterners are concerned, who gives a fuck about summer? I mean, school’s out but that just makes it more irritating because my places of tranquility of Starbucks and TGV couldn’t offer me privacy and decency for a few weeks. I have to compete with adolescents. Weather is warm, as always. And no, there are no people with the likes of Carmen Electra or Tara Reid playing beach volleyball along the beaches of Port Dickson.

So, what is there to look forward to in June? Today’s the 5th and I’ve already spent the first week diving in my study notes and textbooks to get through my mid term examination and, yes, I agree with you it was not the best way to start off a brand new month.

Confounded at a certain point, I decided to pursue that long awaited quest of mine, that is to discover Kuala Lumpur. I mean, really discovering it. People have always said to me that there a lot of interesting things going on in this city. One only has to know where to find it. And that has always been my stumbling block. I don’t know where or how to get the best out of living here. All this while I’ve always been to the same ol’, same ol’ dining joint, shopping malls and movie cineplexes. I tell you, I’m getting tired of it. I want to try something new, something different, something exotic. I want, when my friends are talking about something, I would like to say, “I know this great place where you can…” or “You should try this place at etc. because it’s absolutely brilliant,”

It was with this notion that I bought myself the latest copy of a local magazine called KLue. It’s its 80th issue and I just realized what a fabulous magazine it is. It’s been circulating for ages but being an ignorant bastard that I am sometimes, I viewed it as another lame excuse for marketing purposes. I quaintly categorized it in the so-called “lifestyle” magazines. Boy was I wrong.

First of all, it has gone through an upgrade where now it is thicker, the paper quality is better and it’s color end to end. And what I love the most are the things inside. Inside is the kind of information that I have been longing for years now. The detailed guide of how to enjoy life in Kuala Lumpur. It listed all the wonderful dining spots, live musical performances, art exhibitions and festivals, theaters, oh you name it, all in the vicinity of Klang Valley. Being a magazine and published every month, you can bet that it’s very much up to date. And the best part of all? It only cost RM5.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it leaked a secret that I only came to have known about 2 weeks ago. The location of Rahsia. But I guess a good thing like that should be shared to the public. I just it was done more subtlety.

Come to think of it, June, so far, is ain’t that bad. I mean, I rekindled my relationship with Chili’s since, oh I don’t know, months maybe. And recently, on the 1st of June to be exact, was Ara’s birthday. So I decided to SMS her a birthday wish. I didn’t expect to receive a reply but I did and it read, “Thank you babe :)”. I read that and I thought, wow, I was someone’s babe. I was Ara’s babe. For a brief moment in time there, I was Ara’s babe. I was more than happy to take that as a compliment. It was really flattering. Made me felt good for days.

Maybe it’s wrong of me to diss June so prematurely. There certainly some things to look forward to at the cinemas with Batman Begins and Mr. and Mrs. Smith lining up soon. The French Art Festival is really intriguing and I definitely want to check that out. And, hopefully, to top off the month of June, get out on a few dates through my Uniten connection. I left the dating scene for quite some time already and it should be fun to get a few under the belt. It’s not that I’m looking for a relationship or anything but just a little company over a nice quaint dinner during the weekends. With my new bound knowledge things should get pretty interesting but that’s a whole new blog entirely.