Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield - Stay 'Til The End

I hate to do this as my first post of the year but hear me this, as it's a time constraint reminder.

If you happen to watch Colverfield, STAY THROUGHOUT THE END CREDITS! I didn't and I've been cursing myself since. When the credits rolled out and the exit doors were still shut and the lights undimmed, I knew something was going on. But people exited anyway and the ushers had no choice but to turn on the lights so they won't fall down the steps. And I followed suit! Like a fuckin' zombie! Fuck!

Anyway, about the movie itself. You'd either love it or hate it. For me, I hated it for the first few hours after seeing it. But then, the more I think about it, the more I realize its brilliance. So much that I'd pay to see it again. It's beginning to feel like a drug to me.

Whatever it is, go see it. It's the first significant movie of 2008. Heed if you're a geek!