Monday, September 27, 2004

A Good Day...

it's been a good day.not really a good week but certainly a good day.this joyful feeling is owed all to the triumphant IT contingent of UTP's Track n Field Championship.miraculously, IT won the overall standings..exceeding everyone's expectations including my own.all the other engineering programs fell flat on their faces.even IS did remarkably,if you're a technology student of UTP,then today was a good day.

it's been quite awhile since i put anything in this blog.about 2 weeks i think.slightly's not that nothing happened in those 2 weeks,it's just that i was being my usual lazy self.i went through quite a lot actually,during that period of time.among them the ghoul expedition.

it was officially named the 'AIG XPDC utk mencari makhluk halus'.this was all inspired from the ENTITI/BUKTI which based on my personal experience,the scariest footage i have ever seen.i was scared shitless.i became restless,insomniac and paranoid for the next few nights thanks to that was that frightening.Blair Witch n Ju-On was laughable becoz u know they were fakes but this..well,this one was more closer to home and a little bit too real for comfort.
anyway,the expedition was a failure becoz in the end we didn't came across any ENTITI so to speak.but the journey itself was absolutely thrilling.i didn't know about the others but throughout the journey i was all expecting a sudden tap on the shoulder or a warm breath breathing down my neck.the feeling of anticipation alone is an adrenaline rush itself. we went to a jungle in pitch black darkness,an ancient castle and a cemetary but with nothing to show in the end.the 30 minutes video became a dull product except for the people who were in it (which were us).

the next day,however,was a whole different a period which seemed like eternity,aida asked me out.just out of the blue.typical aida.i wish eiwa would have done the same.but that's not the best part.the best part was she brought along some of her housemates with of them was the sex kitten shuhaida.i was happy beyond words.for the first time i realized that she has the sexiest eyebrows i have ever seen.i didn't know eyebrows could be sexy but there they were.unadulterated,fine and sexy eyebrows.and we're just talking about eyebrows here.not yet other parts of her body..which i would be more than happy to explore should i be given the chance.i more thing i couldn't stand her is that she possesses the marisa tomei was just absolutely adorable.makes u dream about kissing them.
nothing much happened that night.just a contemporary dinner at moven's peak and a failed plan to catch a midnite we went karok's a horrible word that 'karok' thing but catchy nonetheless.

valerie is still in the workshop.more than 2 weeks now.god i miss driving.and the privilege of asking out for a date.seriously,u don't have the right to ask a girl out for a date unless u have some mode of transportation of ur own.esp when ur a's not that i go out on dates on a regular basis but it is nice to know that u can..should u seek here we car,no dates,no fun.well,actually not 'no fun' but 'less fun'.what's more i just watched the clive owen bmw ads and they were awesome.just makes u more eager to get behind some wheels.

i also recently realized that NASA just fooled me for the past 40 years.well,not just me but most people in the world.we didn't land on the moon.i just watched a feature entitled 'Conspiracy Theory:Did We Land on the Moon?'.after seeing the show i am now convinced that we didn't.nobody did.not even the least they are willing to admit to that.but the americans?na'ah.all bullshit.all the pictures and videos..the so called "proof" appeared fake and suspicious as pointed out by former photography ans space experts.a few days after that,i found out that once again NASA had tricked me.this time on a personal basis.u know the X-1R engine treatment?piece of bull.instead of cleaning up ur engine,it leaves carbonic residue inside ur of the reasons my crankshaft got makan.apart from the fact that i may have pushed it too hard on the way back to ipoh during the treasure technology my ass.

let's see..what else..what else..oh love life...unfortunately,it has become more complicated than ever.this is what u get when u fall in love with someone ur not suppossed to.and it hurts when there is nothing that u can do about it.any attempt will only worsen the situation.see the irony?

today also marks another succesful home made video in the nik sme series.this episode's called 'the ain phonecall'.this one's a classic but only restricted to guys.

and finally,my housemates had gotten to know the impeccable and truly adorable mid.i'm sorry ity but ur best fren is just too cute to be ignored.but we all still agree that ur chest..i mean,u.. are one of the best things to have happened in our lives.

well,i guess that is all for today.hopefully i will be more rajin next time to fill in my blog.cheers.
if all goes well,i;m going to see alicia keys 1st oct.wish me luck.along with a freshen up valerie.

Friday, September 10, 2004

a sophie kinsella fan and me

have any of u ever heard of sophie kinsella?if u do then u will probably heard of the term 'shopahlic' coined by this woman.u see,shopaholic is a disease.a disease only experienced mostly by women.just like breast have been known to suffer from it but rarely have u herad about it but women..almost all the time.same case here.most of the women i know suffer from this disease.including my 20 year old sister.but to varying degrees.some at an early stage and has a chance of recovering while others..are at the point of no return.medication can only be found at trendy shopping malls.
to bring into perspective,i went out with a shopaholic today.i couldn't reveal her real name as she would kick my ass if i do.haha..she just came online.pjg umur..
nways,this girl..err...let's give her a about paris?ok?so,earlier today, i went out with paris.u see, paris is a shopaholic.quite at an advanced stage too but her shopaholic senses only kicks in intervally.meaning kinda like seizures.and when gets into gear,expect a few hundred ringgits to fly by just like that.
so,there we were,suria klcc,where everything is under the sun.primary objective is to get birthday presents for her elder sisters.but u have to understand,with a shopaholic,there is bound to be a few bonus objectives around the corner that will just pop out suddenly along the,again,there we were and we did,well,she did actually,managed to get all the presents that she set out to buy.then she had this unfulfilling need that needs to be satisfied (as if that's something new) which end us up at a lingerie store counter paying for a variety of panties and u know how many types of underwear a woman has at her disposal?it's phenomenal.but that's a different story.then,came MAC.she told me how she needed to get some fresh blot powder.or was it compact powder?i couldn't quite recall..nway,just a blot powder..that's what she told me.but with her being a huge fan of MAC and all..i had this gut feeling that she will be coming out with more than just a blot powder.add in a very persuasive saleswoman and u get a very good picture where this was heading.a lifetime later,fortunately,paris came out...with just a blot powder.she seemed happy.i was relieved.i dare not look at the saleswoman.end of story?no.the word 'concealer' just couldn't stop coming out of her mouth.oh dear.i just hoped that she didn't left her purse back at the store on purpose just so to find a reason to return there.the moment we left zara, i instinctively knew that another trip to MAC is bound to happen.u could sense that her mind was preoccupied with the concealer issue the way she was merely flicking through zara's blouses and,what happens next?u guessed it.she went MAC.this time she did came out with a brand new concealer and she was gleaming.she seemed happier than before.i'm sure joyce(the saleswoman) was for me?well,paris never fails to amuse me.
later on that night,she went back to suria,this time with her family to celebrate her sister's birthday.a good ol fashion get together family dinner.yet,somehow,between the appetizers and the main course,i suppose,she found enough time to pay a 2nd visit to the same lingerie store and bought herself an eye mask.with the word 'sexy' emblazoned across it glittering in a diamond-like manner.
as i sat here,looking at my monitor,with that news coming from her IM yahoo msgr, i couldn't help but smile.some people play golf...others play video games...and there are a few who shop to keep them happy.just ask sophie kinsella.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

i went to Rome yesterday and I though this place where I had lunch looked nice so snapped a pic Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's a first...

greetings and good day to you all.first i would like to welcome u to my humble's not much really..just so to provide myself with some self amusement and probably provide some to u too.there's nothing better thanspread joy to other people.whoever they may be.right,let's move on.this is my first entry into this blogspot of mine but it isn't,however,my first ever blog online.i posted another blog apart from myspace.once.and it was depressing.somehow,it jusn't felt,with a little of persuasion from my fellow colleagues,i created my first blogger account.congratulations to,how shall we start?let's see..usually people start off by talking about their day.okay day..well,i'm on a midterm break.that means i'm at home with loads of free time.that also means if i'm a 40 year old coming back from a 7-day business trip around the whole continent of africa then lounging myself at home with a cup of tea from cameron highlands with the morning paper in my left hand would be heaven but that is not the case.i am a hormone raving 22 year old who could easily be indulged in boredom within 3,i had to go out.even with my car stuck in the workshop,i just had to go out.and out i went.i make it sound all dramatic didn't i?but in truth i just went to see a movie.2 actually.avp and collateral.and u know what?i kinda like it.both of em.avp was exciting and collateral is people find them average is beyond me.never mind the girls,even the boys couldn't quite agree with me.what's the deal?the reason i find them compelling is probably based on the fact that i watched the sisters 2 days do i ever regret seeing that.horror movie my ass.i fell asleep barely halfway through the movie.if that is what u call a was slow,dreary storyline,the makeup sucks and it pretty much reminds me of ju-on.i mean like c'mon.i've wasted 8 ringgit of my moneyand 2 hours of my time for my list of terrible movies i watched at the cinemas,it's down there with hard rain and lizzie mcguire was a dreadful experience i tell u.if i could delete the memory of me watching it,i would have gone and did it.really.god to honest truth.
haih..isn't venice beautiful.this is my pathetic attempt to change the topic but really,wouldn't u agree that venice is a such a beautiful place to be at?the reason this came up because i just came across a website that lets u view of places of interests actually..from all over the world.anywhere.just from ur if u could travel anywhere in the world by just the click of ur's first i thought it was a lame idea too but after i browsed through i just realized that it isn't such a bad idea after all.for sad and depressed individuals such as myself who couldn't afford plane tickets to europe orthe carribeans every other weekend,it offers the perfect gateway.well,not really perfect but it the past 30 minutes i just went around venice,tuscany and rome.beat that.
so i guess that should do it for my first time we'll explore deeper issues.and when i say deeper issues i mean women.we male species just couldn't get enough of the opposite sex.even if they drive us crazy at times.hey,it's a guy thing.till then,good day!

ladies and gentlemen...i present u venice