Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bunny That Got Away

Hunny bunny is getting married. It is inevitable really. Deep down I knew this day would come. Although at front I wouldn’t naturally admit it. Besides, she is a woman.

There was a moment in time when I thought this will be the last time I’ll be writing about her. I’m moving on. There are certainly far more beautiful women out there. And they are. Example in point, the hot chick from Mawar’s birthday party years back. Of course, I forgot her name but, damn, what a rack!

Yet, here I am, late into my twenties, reminiscing about her, putting it into words, again. Haven’t I learnt my lesson? Will I ever move on? Hopefully, yes. Because if this is not closure, then I don’t know what is. It’ll be the perfect transition from hopeless romantic to creepy stalker. Not that’s anything new. Especially when Ellie comes to mind.

As to how much it hurts, well, I have been through worse. Whether that’s a good thing or not, it’s kind of like Darth Maul’s lightsaber – double edged. But the fact that it did, still surprised me. Even if it is was just a little twang. But, in a way, it did call for it. Considering the significance of the news and the fact that I did not heed any sort of warning. I think the denial part of me may have something to do with that. But, if I had to do it all over again, I’ll do the exact same thing. Men~.

The wedding reception will be held in Kedah, of course. The one I’m invited to anyway. But, Kedah? That is way up north. Waaay up. I know I’ve been to KB and Segamat on the same weekend for the same purpose of weddings but that’s for bros. Bros are always before hoes. However, an awesome did come to me. Well, it was her suggestion really when I gave her a call. Yes, I gave her a call. And I was totally cool being ‘just friends’ and all. I even cracked jokes about her fiancĂ©. See how awesome I was? Could you see Vince Vaughn doing that to Jennifer Aniston? You’re right, he probably did. Point is, when you talk about Kedah, a boat trip away is that magical place called Langkawi. And so, why not? In the afternoon, you go to the wedding, dress properly, put on a happy face, say your congratulations although deep inside you wonder, what if that had been me on the pelamin? But then, you look up towards the sky, and slightly angled your head eastwards and you imagine the half-naked tourists sunbathing on the beach and thinking, in a few hours I could be on that beach, in my shorts and sunnies, sipping a cool drink watching the sunset. And this, I believe, is what we call a ‘what-up?’ moment.

Now, I need to pitch this idea to Tompok.

Oh, by the way, the chick with the nice rack at Mawar’s party? I think her name is Lynn.

Or it could’ve been Syikin.

Nah, it’s definitely not Eiwa.

You Want To Write?

For the past two days I was reminded of Forrester's words - just write.