Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ignorant bastards, Plaza Damas and Million Dollar Mansions

Men have always been accused by women of being ignorant or having the attention span of 2 seconds when involved in a one-on-one conversation. Well, I cannot say that my views represent all of the male species but for me, I just cannot look at a woman straight in the eyes because I will get lost in them. It hasn’t happen in a long time but recently it did. I am already aware of my inability to sustain long gazes but I thought, what the hell, maybe I’m past it. So I tried it. 2 seconds later I found myself breathing erratically and my palms sweaty. I had to return my attention to my drink just to get a grip back to reality. It seems I have NOT past it. I just cannot bring myself to look into the eyes of my love interest. They would be so beautiful that I could almost swim in them and be in absolute tranquility. And we’re just talking about the eyes, not yet the luscious lips. Oh my goodness, those lips. If only I could bring them to my fingertips….haih…enough of that.

Moving back to the real world, so, what’s new? Val’s back… to the bengkel that is. This time it the bush of the front arm. I tell you, it’s like she’s having AIDS for cars. It’s a new disease every two weeks. Luckily I have other cars available for me to drive to Plaza Damas tomorrow. Oh yes, the MyGo interview is scheduled tomorrow. But I guess it’s just a formality more than anything else. But, goodness me, do I love the place. I checked it out a couple of days ago and it was just super. Definitely 10 times better than Setiawangsa. Although, not entirely completed but already trendy stores are blossoming around the place. It’s in Sri Hartamas, what do you expect? It was class all the way. A few steps from the office, I saw this store that was still under renovation but on the glass walls was the unmistakable green logo of Starbucks. Oh, I almost cried with joy. However though, Nazreen emailed me yesterday (and a few others too) and it was an invitation to the Chartered Accountancy briefing. That was fine. But what troubled me though was the fact that the next batch was planned to start as early as mid March. Oh shait indeed. I figured the earliest they could start was 3 months from now considering the last batch started only end of last January. So, I thought, maybe I’ll have some fun at MyGo for a few months and then strip off my social life around May. Now, it seems, fate has a different plan. But nothing is decided yet. I could only conclude further hopefully by the end of next week. In the meantime, I’d probably go to Genting and get myself crazy before I retire the word ‘fun’ from my vocabulary in my dire pursuit to be an auditor. I may even have to forget about dating. Oh speaking of which, my dating plan went quite well. I just missed out on Aisha and Ara but no worries, there’s always every other weekend. I managed to get hold of the other three.

Oh, as an ending speech, I would like to express my gratitude to Aritha who had rather purposely added another item on my list of things to get when I become a millionaire, and that is a premium mansion at the Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. The houses were so huge they were ridiculous. One could park a 747 inside one of those if it weren’t for the walls inside. At least now I know where those 17-year-old kids who drive around in brand new E Classes with the P sticker on both ends of the windshield live. Anyway, should I able to purchase anything on that piece of land as much as a square foot of grass, Aritha, you’d be the first to know. Lovely as ever, and even though you criticized my taste in music, I forgive you. As for everybody else, arriverderci.

Oh by the way, I sent out invitation for a new yahoogroup. It’s febeles and I do hope those of you who has receive those, would kindly join. Till then…

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Shall we dance, mademoiselle?

There have been some great movies in our time but few are truly inspiring. The kind of movies that makes you want to do something just like the movie depicts right after walking out of the theater. After sitting here for awhile I could think of two good examples. The first is Woman On Top, starring Penelope Cruz and it just goes to show how cooking can be full of passion and sensuous. The second one is Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which coincidentally involves Cruz in a supporting role, tells the story of how in the middle of the Second World War there is still time for love and camaraderie with the help of a musical instrument which is the mandolin.

Watching the trailer a few months earlier, I had a pretty good feeling for Shall We Dance. Even when purchasing the cinema tickets at the counter when I had a little fun with the sweet GSC girl by the name of Suhana by saying,

“Shall We Dance,… Suhana?”

But the ‘Suhana’ trailed off under the conspicuous voice of Sasa who was apparently quirky in finding out about a new Siamese horror movie to be released at Imax. At this point, Suhana looks more grief stricken at the sudden interrogation-like questioning rather than a close colleague of Charlie (whom is a backroom staff at GSC Mid Valley Sasa was looking for).

Nevertheless, after leaving Suhana to attend other patrons without ever really asking her for a dance, which was the original plan at the time, but instead I have ticket stubs in my hand, which is not bad actually. Considering that was the initial plan before the original plan. Haih… anyway, you’d never guess who I ran into at the popcorn counter. A lady who proclaimed Afdlin Shauki was her son…it was Sarimah Ibrahim. Although obviously dressed down compared to when I saw her at Sudu, she is still stunningly beautiful. Too bad we weren’t sharing the same hall together. There was also Shebby Singh. A well built man. I had suspicion about him being a regular full back for the national team but now I take that back. One thing I could sum up is John Dykes must be one very tall person. He literally dwarfed Shebby every week in Football Focus.

Anyway, back to the movie, it was truly enjoyable. Even Sasa was less than enthusiastic at first when we decided on the movie but I knew this one came from the makers of Chicago so musical-wise, I was expecting quite a treat. Surely enough, we were swept off our feet. Even though Jennifer Lopez didn’t really excel apart from her sumptuous moves on the dance floor but you just can’t beat the dashing Richard Gere. With musical pieces such as Sway, Moon River and Book of Love accompanying in the background, it just would not go wrong.

All in all, I would say it was a very pleasant movie. A movie you wouldn’t mind watching twice at the cinema. A movie which I vote, would make an excellent first date movie. Instead of the usual kisses and poems associated with type of genre, this one focuses on appreciation. Last time I came across such a movie was Serendipity. There’s nothing more I can say except just go and watch it. And it would be a good idea to bring a partner along. I cannot guarantee a kiss by the end of the movie but I can guarantee a second date. Now, who would care to dance?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Dating Game and UFOs?

Jose Mourinho probably said it best when asked about Chelsea’s chances of capturing the mythical quadruple.

“We could win four, we could lose four. We could win one or two,”

Well, same thing could be said about my overzealous dating plan for this week. I could have four, I could have none. I could have one or two. As of now, 12.54 pm Thursday, the most likely is one. Well, it’s better than none. But all hopes are not lost. None of them are actual rejection, just postponement. Next week still holds a chance. But still, it could not stop me wonder how difficult it is to get a decent date these days. The dating game is getting complicated by the day. It used to be so easy. Nowadays, I really have to put in some effort just to slot my name in their weekly schedule.

Now, this is truly something. Years of seeing movies like Signs and Men In Black, there’s even an upcoming of War of the Worlds, mind you, last night, dare I say, I had the first ever UFO experience. Although not really conclusive but seeing strange lights in the night sky from the comfort of my own home really raised some questions.

KL was celebrating something last night and fireworks was set off everywhere. There were booming sounds all over the city. To tell you truth, without the Twin Towers, it almost looked like those CNN footages of the Gulf War at Baghdad.

I was fascinated as the skies were repeatedly flashed by the firework explosion and then my eyes caught sight something. It was two red lights. At first I thought they were commercial airplanes as I have seen many times before but they don’t appear red. They were equipped with white lights. Even though they also have red lights on their wings but they were always blinking and impossible to see from down here. What’s more, these two lights don’t seem to move. Look more like hovering. Maybe they’re helicopters. But helicopters are not supposed to linger around clouds. They are not designed to handle such altitudes. So what are they? As I was pondering, three more appeared not far from the previous two. Stars? No. There’s one in the clear part of the sky and it was white. Satellites? In close proximity within each other? Moving about up and down, left and right? I think not. So there I was, chinning myself by the window for more than a half hour. Watching them go about hovering the city of KL. I guess they too are fascinated by the fireworks display. At first it was quite disconcerting. But after awhile, it became intriguing. A bit of exciting even. Surely enough, by the time the people who started it ran out of fireworks, the lights soon faded away, one by one.

Curious, I began a search on the internet for UFO sightings in Malaysia. Surprisingly enough, there’s even an organization exists called the Center for Malaysian UFO Studies. There actually have been other sightings in this country for nearly a century ago. But the most recent reports have around the late 90’s. Nothing since the turn of the millennium. No wait, I just found some dated 2002. Well, how about that? Quite interesting really.

Oh my, I’d love to stay and tell you more but I got an appointment with Keanu in a bit while. He asked me to come along with him and go see some demons and ghosts. Hmm, I guess Halloween came very early this year.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The East Coast Trip, Genting and A Day Called Valentine's

Lahanat punye Tomok. I’d say this is the first time my blog got spammed. I never knew the thing even existed. Blog-spam, that is.

Anyway, good news. It’s the 14th of February and that means it’s Valentine’s Day. Bad news is I have no one to share it with. Haha~ doesn’t really matter actually. I’m feeling a bit malas myself. Imagine if I had a girlfriend, then I would have to come up with some sort of surprise to mark this special occasion. Oh man, that’ll be some hassle. The one person I could think of who would have some problems this Valentine’s is Gambit. Goodness me, he would have forgotten about if I hadn’t accidentally mentioned about it two weeks ago. His first reaction was to utter the words “Oh shit” with eyes wide open and a burning ciggie casually placed between his index and middle finger of his right hand. Oh well, I just hope he has conjured up something for Mawar. She can be one unpleasant lass once upset.

So what are my plans ferr today? Well, at first I tried to persuade Zalina to belanje me dinner at Avanti at Sunway Lagoon Resort. A special Valentine’s 6 course dinner which includes a live 45-minute performance by Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor. How awesome is that!? But, like I said, I tried to persuade Zalina but all I got was a “Haaaa!?”. You know, those high pitched ones every time she receives surprising news. But then again, this thing cost 400 bucks so I understand the rejection. What? You think this thing cheap aa? How can maa. Indulgence is always expensive. That's why not everybody gets to enjoy it. So in the end, I just have to resign to babysit my brother who is on sick leave. Just in case he needs medical attention, I’ll be right at home.

Apart from that, I’d say things look promising ahead. I just came back from the sacred land of Kelantan which included a fascinating trip along the East Coast. I get to taste the new highway to Kuantan (well, not really new. Just new to me because it’s my first time on it since its completion). Journey was quick and far more pleasant which, in turn allowed me to make a brief stop at Cherating. It was the same beach where I came with Aritha, Zalina, Ity and Sasa to last time around. Aaah~good times. It turns out a friend of my brother had opened a place there called Cherating Cottage. A Swiss-Malay guy known during the Sauber days. Michael is the name and I learnt the equivalent of ‘bon appetite’ in French is ‘an guata’ in Swiss. Then I moved on to Kuala Terengganu just for the sake of buying kain sampin songket. But I must say we weren’t left disappointed. It has lived up to its reputation of having the finest makers in the business are trading their goods here. All at Pasar Payang. Kota Bharu was finally reached (after 13 long hours) and what better way to celebrate our arrival than stopping by Medan Selera Buluh Kubu for a nice dinner. The food was, as always, a pleasure to the taste buds. And the cheap fare is a definite welcome. The true purpose of the trip was to attend my mother’s cousin’s wedding. Sadly though, the groom to be doesn’t not bode well with the bride’s family, especially the mother (whom is my mother’s aunt). But, nothing much can be done so, mengikut kehendak anak, everybody were to accept the fate. Even if it involves a fake smile or two. But that didn’t really sadden me. What bothered me the most was the fact that my PCB was in danger. In danger of unprofessional development. Since years now the beach of PCB is being “killed” by erosion. They finally decide to take action and that was to put boulders the size of cars all along the beach. It looks hideous! Not just that it made the beach no longer a pleasant sight but it also made it un-mandi-able. It looks more like a port more than anything else. But still, that didn’t stop from people thronging the place during the Lunar New Year. It was jam packed. Reminiscent of Jalan Telawi 3 on Saturday nights. As for me, well, it is a 3 minute walk to the beach from home, how can I say no to that? I chilled there every single day. Huge cranes may be present tearing up coconut trees from the ground but there’s always time for sotong goreng and air nyior. Finally, I get to visit my grandfather’s final resting place. It was quite nice. While everybody else’ was made from cement, his was covered in marble. Adequately decorated. Well, it the least the children could do. Placed only a few steps from his eldest son. The uncle I never got to knew.

Being back home I must say I really missed Astro,especially the EPL. Not to mention the Net. I received a nice invitation from Ity for a balik-hari trip to Genting. That should be fun. I have yet to fully enjoy Genting lately. It was always brief trips. Kalau cakap Melayu, org kata ‘tak puas’. But then, late last night I received an intriguing phone call from Wawan and he too is planning a trip to Genting. But this involves the real deal of spending the night there. Two nights even. The whole weekend getaway. This should be awesome. But it’s happening this coming Friday. That would coincide with my plans of taking Ara out for a date. And possibly jeopardize my sembang-sembang session with Aida also to be on this Friday. Haih~ all seems so menarik. So how? Or as we say in Kelantan, guano? It seems I have to postpone the Ara date. A Genting escapade is too much fun to be turned down. Then, few days later, join Ity’s pack. Whoa~ a few years without a single trip to the Highlands then suddenly I’m doing back to back trips.

Oh man, I have to ditch plans with Ara? Under normal circumstances that would be categorized as crazy by any man’s standards. Haih~ I still have to work out the 4 dates I planned for this week. That should keep me occupied at least. But nothing for today. Nothing for this brisk February 14. Nevertheless, Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Good day and arrivederci (I guess the same goes to Avanti and memorable night with Jaclyn).

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Zalina, My Saviour

“I’ll have the Monterey Chicken”

As those words filtered out of my mouth, it’s as if I was singing a song. They felt that magical.

Yes, ladies and gents, I was Chili’s again for the 2nd time in as many weeks. Last time it was in Bangsar, this time it was good ‘ol KLCC. The company was different though. I had Zalina for a change. The last good memory I had of her at that place was when we dined together during Puasa month when we did our internship. Her mother had some function later that evening and she asked me if I would mind joining her. Frankly, I was quite surprised by her sudden cordial invitation but then she uttered those magic words, “we could eat at Chili’s…” Oh honey, how could I ever say no to that?

This time it was brunch. We just got down from ESU acknowledging to them that we are well aware that it is time we pay back the amount of money that owe to Petronas that they so kindly lent to us during our stint at UTP, which I have used to purchase a few pair of shoes, a couple of designer perfumes and a some memorable trips, namely Pangkor and Penang among others. Oh, and occasional trips to Chili’s.

So, quite evidently, Apau was also there to join us in the flashy ex-students of UTP brunch. But, ah ha, there was another surprise. Zakian will be our 4th company at the table. How he wound up there, I don’t obviously know, nor care. Anyway, quite surprisingly, he was not that annoying as I’d thought he’ll be. He was a more civilized version of himself compared to when I saw him on stage at the Heritage during the Jan 2000 farewell dinner. But, I must tell you, for someone who wants to hit on Zalina, I wasn’t really impressed. I detected no charm whatsoever. Although, it is quite unfair to him because it was 3 against 1. Being members of Komuniti Lahanat, we do share a lot of inside jokes, which none of them would make sense to Zakian. One thing I do appreciate though is the fact that he didn’t try to impress me. Not like that other bloke. It was always been an issue among men whether or not to impress the male friend of your supposed love interest. It is generally agreed that it is a bad idea but some men tend to forget and once you crossed that fine line my friend, there is no turning back. Fortunately though, Zakian did not forget. And that pleases me, of course. Grateful even. But taking the whole afternoon into context alone, I have this inkling feeling that somehow Zakian and Zalina doesn’t seem right. It just doesn’t fit. Although their names are spelled almost alike and would certainly look nice on a wedding invitation card but I just feel that Zalina would be too much of a handle for Zakian. I think Zalina is slightly better off. I think he wouldn’t be able to fulfill her, or satisfy her. Simply put, I don’t think he’s good enough for her. Just like that line when Barbra Streisand told Pierce Brosnan in The Mirror Has Two Faces, “I know, I know but Robert, you’re not good enough for me” while putting her coat and slamming the door as she leaves his apartment. (I can’t help it. My mother loves the movie. She never missed it on HBO).

Well, one thing’s for sure, Zalina won’t be getting married so soon. Even when I mentioned the word ‘marriage’ she gave this oh-na-na-no gelengan kepala. The kind she gives when her other members try to persuade her to fool around at Ipoh until dawn when she will be having this important meeting early next morning. But I do wonder what will happen when Zalina does pass this British Council thingy and actually fly to UK. I guess that is, well, something to look forward to. Sweet little Zalina with an English accent. Now that is something I couldn’t quite able to imagine just yet. Oh my goodness, without realizing, I just made Zalina my theme for today’s blog. An appreciation on a sub-conscious level I suppose. Actually, it has been quite some time since I saw her. I even missed her at Sasa’s Raya banquet. So, in a way, I rindu her. Yeah, you might say that. But since she will be coming a lot to British Council in the next few coming weeks, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time for us to fool around together. Along with her accidental pocket money, there’s promise. It seems I have found a new sparring partner. Haha~

So here’s to you, Zalina. Cheers.