Friday, January 27, 2006

Old Doesn't Even Begin To Describe It (The Birthday Post)

I’m 24! Oh yes, it has been 24 years since that fateful evening at Pantai Hospital.

There’s something significant about being 24 years old. It’s one of those huge leaps like from being 19 to 20, and even that was not so long ago. 23 to 24 is rather similar. At 23 you can assert yourself as a young adult. But at 24, you’re just an adult. A ‘junior’ adult as some may argue but nevertheless the transition is perceivably complete. You would allow a 23 year old Michael Owen to make a few mistakes – a scoffed shot here, a bad game there but not the 24 year old version. At 24, a Michael Owen fan would expect him to hit the back of the net every time he gets the ball in the six yard box. Same is in life. At 24, you can no longer escape the responsibilities when committing mistakes in life. You can no longer blame it on ignorance or innocence. That was 23. 24 is when the community perceives you as an equipped adult. You are ready to hunt on your own and build your own nest. Hell, even I used to perceive them that way when I was a young boy. But now… now, even I, myself am a living proof of disapproving that notion. I am very well aware that I am not yet equipped to face the harsh realities of the world on my own. I think most 20-somethings are these days. Many refer us as spoilt brats. I’m not saying they’re wrong. But I am saying they’re jealous. Because we have this safety net called ‘parents’. For some it comes in the form of a trust fund. That would be the answer on why some young people can afford to drive around in BMWs and travel to Tahiti. It’s not the question of whether they deserve it or not. The money was just there to be spent. Most of us bad-mouth these people because we too want to be part of it. But we can’t. Yes, we have to stay content with our Proton with non-working electric windows and the occasional trip down to the littered beaches and murky waters of Port Dickson.

As a closing statement I would like to stay that I would not be having any birthday parties this year. I’m sorry. As much as I want to be flanked by half-naked ladies singing Happy Birthday to me, that box of hopes and dreams have yet to wait a little longer. There’s always next year though. Damn, I’ll be 25 by then. Nope, not gonna be thinking about that right now. For those who have wished me, I thank you. Ity even sang to me on the phone ala Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy. Just that I get the auditory version rather than the live-in-the-flesh one. For the SMSes, yours are a welcome diversion between Emily Rose’s screaming and running. And there’s even kisses. But again, just auditory and digitized. Appreciated still though. For those who have the kind enough heart to even considering presenting me with a birthday present, please, no more stuffed animals. No matter what color, size or function. It’s getting embarrassing for me to keep them. Instead, you could just get me the latest copy (and not rumpled issue) of Esquire, or better still Maxim. Hard time finding those? Then head towards Actor’s Studio Bangsar and get me tickets for Harith’s show. Haha! Wah sekarang bunyi cam demanding pulak kan. Tak malu. Makan char kuey teow je tau.

Before you ask me why the late posting, I would like to point the finger to Streamyx. 1MB connection 24/7 eh? What a bunch of bull. I’ve been experiencing bad connection for the whole week. Just when I decide to give the welcome call, tetiba elok pulak. Cewah pandai betul. Siap kau lenkali.

As a departing note, I had a strange dream last night. I was among the villagers defending the attack of the killer turtles. I don’t know whether it’s one of those bad ideas for a Hollywood movie or an indication of how twisted my mind is.

Cheers. Arriverderci.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's Happening?

Encore for Baik Punya Cilok! Yes, I know I said I was going to watch it with Tomok the other day but it was sold out. So I only managed to watch it recently. And it was good. For a Malaysian film I was pleasantly surprised. It was like Snatch but a little bit off-paced. For a comedy of that kind, it has to keep the audience guessing to make it work. But those flashback shots accompanied by amusing narration ala dikir barat style was quite ingenious. That Aben guy really has a few tricks up his sleeves.

I would like to give special recognition to The Notebook. I saw it for the second time last night on HBO and I thought, what a beautiful story. Last time I gave such recognition was for La Vita e Bella (Life Is Beautiful – no pun intended!). Notebook is based on a Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name so it wasn’t that surprising on how the storyline was elegantly portrayed. Other Nicholas Sparks’ books turned movies are Message in a Bottle and A Walk To Remember. Though I find the movie versions of Bottle to be soggy and Walk lame. But Notebook certainly hit the right note (pun intended).

Other news, I heard on the radio the other day, unsure whether it was Hitz or Fly, and they have this competition going on in accordance with Valentines Day. Now, that is good and cruel at the same time, depending on how you look at it. Good for those absent minded boyfriends because they get an aptly reminder way beforehand and cruel for those single ones because they too get an aptly reminder way beforehand. We’re just midway through January and here we are already talking about Valentines Day. I know who is most happy with this though – the florists. Ooh those bloodthirsty mongrels. Just because it’s Valentines, they would charge bouquets of flowers three-folds at least for the prices. It’s absurd. Well, men are left with really no choice. Pay the price to the florist or “pay” the price to the missus. It’s a lose-lose situation. Oh do you remember that girl that was featured on the cover of The Star a while back because she received 999 roses from of her boyfriend for her birthday? It cost the dude RM3500. His justification? “Money is not a factor as long as she is happy,” What an idiot. RM3500 can get you a nice Hugo Boss suit or even a Tag Heuer watch. While those roses would only last about two weeks the most, the suit and watch could last a good few years. It’s amazing how a few men can be such suckers for the entrapment of the so-called love.

Harith Iskandar will be returning to stage next month for his But That’s Another Story, Again! It’s unclear whether it’ll be a whole new act, a continuation or just an improvement of the first installment. Later news will follow.

I’ve a new perception regarding the burlesque group, The Pussycat Dolls. But yet, I prefer to reserve my judgment for the time being. There’s still a few grey areas that I need further convincing. Till posted.

Cheers. Au revoir.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Faizad's Book Club

There’s a new Mike Gayle book on sale. It’s called Brand New Friend. Okay, it’s not really new because it was published back in September 2005 but it’s still the latest work from Gayle, who shot to fame with My Legendary Girlfriend (his first published book and one of my personal favorites). He’s British so expect a lot of British humor. Here’s a synopsis from the book’s cover:

Finding friends is hard to do...When thirty-two-year-old Rob Brooks's long term girlfriend asks him to leave London and live with her in Manchester not only will it mean moving cities and changing the only job he's ever had, it'll also mean leaving behind his best mate in the entire world, Phil Clarke. Believing in love conquering all Rob takes the plunge and convinced of his ability to make new friends Rob tries his best to sort out the situation. But when six months in he still finds himself without even so much as a regular drinking buddy he begins to realise that sometimes making friends in your thirties can be the hardest thing to do. With this is mind Rob begins a strategy that though risky has the potential to deliver the one thing he wants: a brand new friend. His strategy? Advertising in a classified ad in a Manchester magazine. After three excruciatingly embarrassing "bloke dates" Rob begins to despair. But then his luck changes. He finds himself a brand new friend. But there's a problem. Apart from knowing less than nothing about music trivia, football and supermodels vital statistics Rob's new friend has one huge flaw. She's a girl.

Yes, your new best mate is a girl. It’s every man’s dream and also nightmare. It’s exciting and yet disturbing. It’s the idea that we men are not willing to explore but we do love to linger upon the subject. One of the most subdued and interesting topics of ‘What if?’ in the world of men. So, when a writer like Mike Gayle came up with a whole book detailing all the possibilities, it certainly does pose a fascinating intrigue. So, if you’re a man looking to do something different with your mind in between those testosterone fuelled activities, pick this one up. You’ll enjoy it. And if you have a woman, better still, because she will be impressed. She will see that behind that manly beast, who’s always raving about sex, is a sensitive and sophisticated human being. That should get her into bed rather easily.

State of Fear by Michael Crichton. My favorite author and it’s shameful I have yet to have the chance to read it. What’s more annoying is I don’t know what it is about. All it says on the cover that Crichton will transport the reader from the glaciers of Iceland to the streets of Paris. One thought, however, points out that it has something to do with eugenics. A very terrifying topic indeed. How this issue is twisted in the Crichton way to make it seem plausible in our society today brings about a galvanization of enigma. Whether it will be turned into a full-length motion picture in the near future is still too early to tell. But to be fair, movies as of late based on Crichton’s novels has yet to do justice on his writing and imagination. They made him rich though. But mostly all the films turned out to be sordid ones. Namely Sphere, Congo and Timeline. The few exceptions are Jurassic Park, Disclosure and Rising Sun. Those movies are made with care. The later ones are rushed just to hang on to the excitement upon the release of the book. Just to point out, that’s the wrong way to do it. I have this feeling they would be working on Prey soon. It’s a story about killer nanites. Made and interesting read but I’m not sure it’ll amaze the crowd watching a silver screen. Let’s face it, there’s no roaring T-Rexes chasing you at 40 mph.

So if you’re into sci-fi thrillers which do not involve photon rays and the language of Klingon, then there’s no need to look any further. Pick this one up so you sound clever when you talk about all the latest technological breakthroughs, in par with Mr. Crichton.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Presentators

If you subscribe to Nickelodeon, watch out for The Presentators. It’s a one-minute computer generated imagery shorts made by Aardman Animations. The same people who brought Wallace and Gromit to fame. The Presentators features three odd-looking clay animated people explaining things like history and why not to push the red button on the desk. There’s Brian (yellow), the annoying one who’s obsessed with things like dinosaurs and why no to push that red button. There’s Dan (red), who always argues with Brian and the most helping Stefan (blue), the one who’s concentrating fully on the presentation. Catch them if you can because they only come out at random between shows and are absolutely hilarious.

Talking Movies

One of the perks of unemployment is that you get to watch the live telecasts of those glamour awards shows from the US, which airs in the morning (Malaysian time) on weekdays. Just now I just finished viewing the 2006 Golden Globes. Before I start commentating about them it is best to give a SPOILER WARNING for those who have yet to watch the recording and want to be surprised when they do.

So, it has to be said my most enjoyable moment was when my man, Hugh Laurie won the best drama series actor for his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House. His acceptance speech was the best of the whole night. Even though I already knew he’s British but it’s still a delight to hear him talk in the accent. That would explain his tremendous wit in the show. Also because he was one of the pioneers in the Blackadder series. Go figure.

The women of Desperate Housewives took 4 out of the 5 nominations for best actress in a comedy series, and yet they were beaten by another portrayal of suburban mom in modern America played by Mary Louis Parker. It was a surprise and for some even shock. As Chris Rock said, the four women, whose lives are about “having affairs, popping pills and murder” was outdone by another suburban mom who was “selling dope”. He was referring to Weeds although I doubt the show will ever reach Malaysian shores. But Desperate did won best comedy series. A bit of reprieve for the women and obviously Marc Cherry.

One of the movies that I haven’t heard of but I would love to see as highlighted during the awards is the musical comedy The Producers. When you put Nathan Lane, Mel Brooks and Will Ferrell in one movie about staging a Broadway-like musical, you’re going to get one hell of a fun movie.

The biggest disappointing result to me, which was also in turn the biggest news of the night was the success of Brokeback Mountain. It won the best drama movie and its director, Ang Lee of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame, received the director’s honor. While I’m glad that an Asian director won an award as prestigious as a Golden Globe while beating the likes of Steven Spielberg (Munich) along the way, the recognition for the film itself is somewhat resentful. It tells the story of two rugged Western family men concealing their affair. In other words, it’s about two gay cowboys falling in love with each other. And those cowboys are Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. Ooh fantasy galore but I can’t help but think it’s such a lame storyline. What I would have preferred was Good Night, and Good Luck. A film by George Clooney which tells the intense story of CBS reporter, Ed Murrow going against then controversial Senator Joseph McCarthy who preyed upon the Communism paranoia in the 1950’s. The fact the whole movie was displayed in black and white ala Schindler’s List gave it a sense of authenticity and clairvoyance. Another of my choice would be A History of Violence. It tells the story of one man, played by Viggo Mortensen of Hidalgo and King Aragorn fame, who is a small time diner restaurateur and good old family man. Then suddenly he realizes that he possesses this uncanny ability to carry out effective killing. Soon, strange people are showing up at his doorstep telling him he has another history. A violent one. Kind of like those Bourne trilogy stories.

So, I’m glad for Hugh Laurie but Brokeback Mountain just despairs me. As you know, like they say, a good run in the Golden Globe would provide a strong momentum for the Oscars. Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture? Oh God, it’s Titanic all over again – just worse.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Easing Into 2006 (Sebuah Epik Gilgamesh Edisi Tahun Baru)

I have been sitting in front of this computer for, as it says here – 19 hours and 21 minutes. Now, you may ask, why in the bloody hell would someone do such a thing? Well, I have one word for you – Civilization IV. Okay that’s one word and a Roman numerical but still. It’s a computer game, in case you’re wondering, and it’s absolutely fuckin’ brilliant. Gamespot voted it as the PC game of the year and I can tell you they’re spot on.

Those familiar with the computer games world would recognize this title all woo well. It’s my first time trying this one out and I enjoyed it, immensely. For those of you who don’t, it lets you play as a historical leader leading a civilization from the crummy settlers who set up small villages at the beginning up to the huge metropolitan cities that discovers the Internet and space travel at the end (if you can succed). It’s not exactly a discerning concept but really an absorbing one at it. Look at me, for instance. I played as Caesar, ruling the Roman Empire and my friendly neighbour was Gandhi of India. We were friends at first, trading and stuff. But then I conquered his backyard and finally declared war on him. And not before I lined up hordes of military power just outside his major cities. I even nuked Delhi to top it all off. He was quite bitter after that, I can tell you. What a backstabbing bastard I was. And yet, I relished the victory. And more admirably the deception. I guess the saying is not entirely true, then. Greed can sometimes be rewarding. Anyway, those of you who have an able PC, get this game. You wouldn’t regret it. And get ready for some sleepless nights. I know I have.

Now, to some interesting stories. Last Wednesday, I was at the Shangri-La, KL, and I was amazed because I had forgotten how magnificent that hotel is. It used to be the hip spot but since attention has shifted to KLCC where the Mandarin Orientals and the Renaissances are, people have forgotten about it. Such as me. But of course, Shangri-La is an international chain and it’s impossible that the owners would let it fall in its standards. So it was rather foolish of me to have thought otherwise. However, that’s not my point in telling you about this. Nice d├ęcor, I might add.

Something likewise funny happened when I was about to leave the hotel. I parked my car, Valerie, at its parking space and for the first time ever I’ve seen at a well-respected hotel, the mode of payment for the parking ticket is to be made through an autopay station. The kind you’d find at large shopping malls. If that wasn’t enough, there was this stubby middle-aged man in front me, and obviously in a hurry because he swore a few times in respect of the machine’s incooperative-ness. And it didn’t help that he received this huge amount of change that made a sound like he hit a jackpot at a Las Vegas slot machine. When it was my turn, I too was equally surprised by my change. Not because it was a lot or incorrect but it was in two 50 cent coins. Then it occurred to me, since the RM1 coin went obsolete, these autopay machines would have to supply change in 50 cents denominations. I was lucky my change was only RM1. Imagine if it was RM5. It’s not that much but that would mean ten pieces of coins. If you think the ‘ka-ching ka-ching’ sound your trousers make when loaded with RM1 cons made was embarrassing enough, well think again. I imagine this is the same what’s going on at every shopping mall. Goodness, it has to be very annoying. Maybe some of you had realized this a long time ago since the RM1 coin was obsolete December 7th ago and giving me the “Doh!” treatment but excuse me for being an advent user of the LRT.
Back to the New Year theme. For 2006, according to the Chinese zodiac, it’s the year of the Dog. And for those of you born in 1982, it’s us! Aye! So, two full circles already. Remember the last time, 1994? We were twelve. It was kind of daunting. Leaving childhood and entering teenage years. It was a transitional year. For 2006, we are twenty-four and supposedly have deep entered into adulthood. I would like to emphasize on the word ‘supposedly’ rather than ‘adulthood’. Even though I know some of us had already gotten married and making babies but some of us still pretty much the playful kid unwilling to let go. I don’t know about girls but for boys, we still drool over fast red sports cars, fantasizing of having dates with the girls on the cover of FHM and obsessed with PS2.

Speaking of FHM, I was just in time to get my hands on the new 2006 calendar. Aye! But I must say this year’s is a bit disappointing. Some of the girls in it are just so… not right. For instance Mariah Carey. She is so 90s. And Paris Hilton? Urgh. Do you know that Hitz.FM once referred to her as an “heiress turned actress”? Actress? Really? Did they mean the job in House of Wax and that miserable Simple Life series merit her the title of an actress? Please, I’ve seen dogs do better job on Animal Planet. But one highlight of the calendar is Natasha Hudson. Oh yeah. One of the most underrated Malaysian beauties ever. Unlike Amber Chia. The most overrated Cina bukit one. And she’s Miss January. Go figure. Chia, that is.

And speaking of PS2, mine’s broke. Oh yes, heartbreak hotel. I was playing Winning Eleven, of course, when it suddenly refuses to read the disc. It just goes stagnant. Just like a man’s penis when the effects of Viagra have worn off. To fix, or not to fix? It’ll cost money, that’s for sure. Hence the reason I bought Civilization IV. Cheaper maa. 10 Ringgit only for one DVD.

So what’s in store for me in 2006? Well, we have the Raya Haji and Chinese New Year holidays to look forward to in the short term. As for the medium term, I’m very much confident I’ll pass the MICPA exam this second time running. It felt good. I really slugged it out this time. I missed a lot of Sportcentres. And it hurts every time I have to say ‘no’ when someone calls me up for some minum-minum. I was even angry with myself every time I fell asleep because time was too precious to be wasted on sleep. But in the end, it felt worth it. And with that, hopefully KPMG. Whoa! As for long term, I finally want to install a proper stereo into Valerie. That space has been void far too long. Ever since that Linkin Park concert in, when was that? 2003? Man, that’s too long. You’re probably wondering how I’ve managed it all this time. It’s not easy, I give you that. Especially during those long trips back to Tronoh.

I have a threesome date with Tomok and Nebu tonight to see Baik Punye Cilok. The reason I’m willing to see a Malay movie at a cinema is because it’s directed by my man, Afdlin Shauki. Since I missed his Why Are You Still Fat? and Actorlympics plays, this is some kind of retribution. And you can be pretty sure I’ll do this again when Buli Balik comes out and Sumo-lah later on. Man, I love his comedy. Oh by the way, have you seen the grossing charts lately? Narnia is doing better than Kong. How is that possible? Are the public blind? Narnia is so disappointing that’s it’s appalling that some quarters even dared to compare it with Goblet of Fire. Kong, meanwhile, was in a class of its own. You couldn’t tell whether it’s an action movie or whether it’s a love story, comedic or a sad dramatic tale. Now that’s artistic. And the only way you can get blown away with Narnia is if you’re twelve and your version of horror is The Little Red Riding Hood. And the greatest leader of all is a lion? That thing doesn’t even have opposable thumbs, let alone the ability to handle a sword or spear. It‘s got claws and bite, then what? Roar its enemies till death? What a joke.

I think it’s time for me to leave. Good holidays everyone. It’s the first month of the year and we’re already showered with public holidays. Could only happen in Malaysia. Cheers.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year 2006

Warm greetings to you, ladies and gentlemen, and guess what? It’s 2006! Aye!

On this lovely day of 1st January, the one question that everyone is most likely to ask you is, “How was your new year’s celebration?”. There’s only two types of answers to that question. One, you tell the story in length, right from the moment you put on that ‘special occasion’ cologne until you got home and forgot where you had left your house keys. Or, if you’re lucky, waking up in someone else’ bed and having trouble aiming during the morning piss. Or two, you just gave out a grumble, indicating that you had no intention to continue further with the discussion because last night was certainly forgettable. And you only have your pet cat to bear witness to all. Thank god to that. As the Sunday morning comic strip would point out, it’s whether you’re Garfield, or Jon Arbuckle.

Fortunately though, I have a delightful new year’s celebration. It was a barbeque night at Aritha’s and don’t we all just love barbeque. Her sister balik kampung, so the house was all for the taking. It was a nice, small, casual gathering, and it was good. I’ve long since left the brouhaha scene such as Bintang Walk and KLCC park. Teenage years, yes. But now, I’m just too old for that shit. These limbs are no longer how they used to be. So, there we were, a group of maybe 15 people. Chilling, having a few drinks (non-alcoholic, mind you) and a few laughs. Well, actually a lot of laughs. You know how it is with these Fab 5-esque people. They ARE the party everywhere they go. Even the constant yelping of the dog from next door couldn’t dampen the scene. But at around 10.30 I just realized I forgotten to do something. Fulfillment of a favor. Delivering dad’s ihram belt to my uncle at his house at Bukit Jelutong. He wants to borrow it because he misplaced his and he’s leaving, well, later tonight. So my failure to deliver would result in very dire consequences. 1 ½ hours till midnight. I could just make it for OU’s fireworks display if I leave now, so I thought to myself. So, as un-sportingly as it is to leave in the middle of a party, I had no choice. It’s Bukit Jelutong or bust. I arrived at around 11.30 and you may ask, why an hour? Two reasons. The traffic out of Damansara was agonizingly slow and I somehow took a wrong turn somewhere that almost lead me to Rawang. But I recalibrated my sense of direction and managed to arrive just in time to catch them lounging at the front porch. The whole family was there, talking, also waiting for the clock to strike twelve. The mother, the son and Farhan, the new son-in-law. Who? What? Oh yes, Farhan. You know, Farhan. The White SUV driving, basketball player for UTP Farhan. The one who promised eternal love to Ara. Just his version of eternal is ‘until I find a better one’. And now he’s married to my cousin, ‘the better one’. That may sound gloating but I assure you my intention is quite the opposite. Haven’t I told you this news already? Oh that’s right, I haven’t. Maybe because it’s a kind of news that I am not particularly proud of. Just think, I am now related to this guy. That’s probably the most disturbing revelation of 2005 for me. Previously, I was happy that he’s just a mere acquaintance that I needed only to nod to acknowledge his presence in a room. Now, I have to be ‘nice’ and ‘be friends’ (words from my mother) just because he’s about to shag my cousin for the rest of his life. Oh sod that! Anyway, enough of him and let’s get back to meeeee.

Right, dropped off the things and I have a half an hour to head back to Bandar Utama. To make matters worse, Valerie’s petrol tank is nearly empty and the engine was practically running on fumes. Not a good combination. But this time no more wrong turns, traffic was tolerable except for a bitchin’ silver Hyundai Accent and I was able to made it in time. I was running to the house after I parked Val and I was at the gate when the first ‘Boom’ erupted. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around and the somber night sky was suddenly filled with color and splendour. I was elated. Not just because I have always welcomed fireworks displays but also because I just made it in time. Not in Valerie stuck in traffic somewhere.

There were two separate displays. One by One Utama and the other by Ikea. Ikea won the perseverance contest but apart from that, I was particularly happy because this is a first time, in a long time, that I was able to witness a fireworks display so closely. Usually it’s from the window of my room and watching KLCC and KL Tower illuminated in the distance. Last Merdeka, even though the view from Bukit Antarabangsa was fantastic but it was still a tad far away to hear the booming sound effects. Last night, the boy inside me was jumping and singing happily.

After the fireworks, I went inside and good lord was I shocked. Most of the people had gone home! I mean like, blimey, they didn’t even stay until midnight, which is the whole point of having a New Year’s Eve party. Yes, we are a bit too old to be counting, “… 3, 2, 1” aloud but still…chill around! What I left a festive commotion, I have returned to a party of five. It was disappointing at so many different levels and mainly because I didn’t have a chance to bid goodbye, especially to the girls. Oh, the girls. Sasa was unusually commendable of my appearance. She said I had a nice haircut (which I paid RM10 for at an Indian barbershop at Greenwood) and that I looked slimmer (which I think is probably being towards a case of malnutrition). And Jes. Oh dear me, Jes. She looked so hot I was sweating by merely looking at her. The fact she’s a woman is almost secondary. She just emanates heat. But all that was gone now, albeit the night was still young. Mind you, all that sleepless nights studying made me feel midnight like 9 pm. At around 1.30 am, I too had to call it a night. Everybody else was leaving and since Aritha didn’t want to be ‘tangkap basah’ with me, it was cue for me to start dragging my homemade barbeque set to Valerie.

Still feeling unsatisfied, I called up Gambino, hoping for some form of retribution. But to no avail, he too was just having a so-so night. He didn’t go to the Holiday Villa gig. ‘Tak ramai pun yang kite kenal ade kat situ’ was his reason. ‘Kalau semua bebudak kite orait gak’, I lamented. He agreed. So, instead he went to Subang to Mawar’s. And he’s been there since most of the night. I ended the call and with it, my adventures for the night. I bid my beautiful hostess, Aritha, farewell. And she looked absolutely vivacious in a white top. I was hoping for a new year’s kiss but she didn’t give me one. Haih, have to wait for 2007 then.

I got into Valerie, put her into reverse, drove out of Damansara and start the quiet journey towards home.

So, tell me, how was your New Year’s celebration?