Friday, June 22, 2007


Dear ingenious master,

I think the time has come for me to have complete make-over. I have been stuck with this look since 2004 and honestly, it's getting old. So if you would take some time off your lazy ass and find me a new skin, to say the least, it'd be most appreciated. thank you for your kind attention.

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Last Days of June

First I was happy. Then I was sad. Then angry. Now, I’m happy again. Although not as much as the first time. I need help, don’t I?

Now, how are we this evening? Oh sorry, it’s already night time here. Not that it’s important but anyway, I’m off to Penang this Sunday. Yeaay. That’s the reason I was happy. Then I almost couldn’t make it because of my MBA registration day and that made it me sad. And pissed off. It was supposed to be on Saturday then they told me to come Monday, like yeah, I’m supposed to be frolicking on Ferringhi beach from Sunday ‘til Tuesday, so, yes, that does pose a problem for me. Then my persuasive mother told me to give them a call and ask for an alternative date. Now why didn’t I think of that earlier? Seriously, somehow that gene didn’t get passed down to me. Anyway, a quick call and voila, back to Saturday again. Actually they do have registration day on Saturday. It’s just that it was meant for part-time students. Full-timers were allocated for Monday. Well, sorry for the trouble, mate. White sandy beaches don’t come along too often, y’know.

So, a little rendezvous at UIA on Saturday, then on Sunday, hello blondies on the beach! (sigh) Oh how I miss Langkawi. But I guess Penang will do. And after that, a few days catching my breath at home and ba da boom, off to Mentakab for the biggest wedding of the year. Well, the second biggest wedding of the year, after my brother that is. In my view, of course. Not literally. I mean, how can you top the PM? Well, even that wasn’t a big occasion. Just an akad nikah at the mosque and, well, you get the point.

Anyway, exciting times lies ahead. Tourists sunbathing on the beach, bridesmaids at Mentakab, I mean, it gives me the tingles just thinking about it. Legendary.

In other news, Baby Jane is at the bengkel, yet again. Can you believe the ECU got soaked? And you know how much an replacement E36 ECU cost? Second hand? About 9/10th of what I made monthly if I still worked at Deloitte. For a circuitry board no larger that my two palms put together, that’s really bonkers. And we haven’t begun to discuss the amount required to get my fuel gauge to work. It seems the floatation device in the fuel tank is screwed so to get not one, but two of those contraptions, because that’s how BMW fuel tanks are designed, replace will cost another RM900. Hello Darfur! I can’t believe how much these things cost. And this is a 1994 production car. I wouldn’t dare imagine the parts for an E90. Maybe RM300 for a single light bulb change.

Wait, this is too much negative energy going around. I need to change tones.

Well, the 7 Collar Sonique Cinematique went well. RM37 for a 3 hour show. I must say that’s money well spent. And I really like one of the opening acts – a group called Estrella. They have a really hot lead singer and she has a beautiful voice to boot as well. She reminds me of Norah Jones with lyrics like Corrine Bailey Rae. I was captivated, is all I can tell you. As for 7 Collar themselves, they were good as expected. But I do wish they’d do more songs with the violins and cellos. They were only up until the interval. After that, it was like a normal show. I’m sorry but after the break, there was no more sonique cinematique. And the co-ordination were below par. The show started an hour late. The mid-way interval took a half-hour from the promised 15 minutes. Even in between songs there were scenes of havoc to prepare for the next performance even though it was in the dark. But, hey, I’ll give them a chance. They are an independent band anyway. Not actually theater people. And when it comes to the actual performance, it was truly enjoyable. The packaging could’ve been better but the actual gift was top notch. Literally.

Now let’s talk about movies. I would’ve liked to write this on my Friendster account but they only permit 1000 characters per review. Characters! Those numbskulls. I had to cut my Spidey 3 review to half. And ditch all those Topher Grace jokes. Certainly not exactly a thought out idea. Anyway, the most interesting movie I saw recently, and it happened by accident, was on Star Movies and it’s called My Date With Drew. It’s about a regular real life guy who embarks on a project with the help of his mates, to get himself a date with Drew Barrymore in 30 days. Why 30 days? Because that’s when he had to return the video camera that he bought to be eligible for the 30 day return policy. Will he get a date with Drew in the end? Well, that’s the fun part isn’t it? It’s funny, light-hearted, documentary-style at its best. Unfortunately though, I browse through Astro just now and it was a one time screening. They day that I caught it. That’s a shame. It’s a unique movie and I really hoped to share with you guys. Probably next month then. Whenever it is, keep your eyes out for it. It’s worth it. It sure as hell made my day. It made me even thinking about starting my own little project. Something to look forward to on a day to day basis. Keeps life interesting. Maybe not as elaborate as to get a date with a movie star. I’m not as obsessive at the Drew guy. Maybe I’ll write that book I’ve been so longing about. Yeah, I know, snore. But you just wait. One day I’m gonna make money by just sitting on my ass through royalty. The geek who wrote a classic. Watch out MPH! Here I come!

Another movie I’d like to mention here is MatchPoint. It’s a 2005 production but I just saw it a few weeks ago and by god it’s brilliant. I admit the only reason I wanted to see it at first is because Scarlett Johansson is on it. But as I was left catching my breath as the end credits roll, I thought to myself, that was the best Woody Allen movie I ever saw. It’s a masterpiece actually. It’s your classic love triangle story but goodness me, what a way to tell a story. And I thought Closer was good. This one just blew it away. Maybe one day it’ll come out on Astro, I don’t know, but the next time you’re out buying yourself some DVDs for the weekend, find this title, and you will not be sorry.

Wow, look as that, a clean version. Not bad, eh? I learnt it from Jennifer Morrison. What a vixen. You know, the kinds that pulls Santa’s sleigh. That one I got from Jason Lee. I got a fresh TV schedule nowadays since Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy are in between seasons. I watch Ellen now. And I’m not embarrassed to admit because she’s really funny. She’s one of those people who you just want to hear her talk because it makes you laugh. And most importantly, it’s not as sad as Oprah. But Oprah did have Terry Benedict. Well, at least Ellen conforms to the younger generation. Yep, nothing wrong with me. Just your normal testosterone driven male living in the 21st century who happens to watch daytime TV. Damn I’m gonna miss Ellen once I start work.

That’s it people, I’m signing off. Hopefully Baby Jane would be ready by tomorrow. How do you say goodbye in German?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Baby Jane

She’s gone. They finally took her away. She really needed some help. Baby Jane was not acting her usual self lately. She was fine during our day trip to Tronoh. Then suddenly the next day she refused to start. It had happened before but she somehow let up previously. Not this time though. This time it lasted for a week. And it’s really frustrating. What am I talking about? Well, it’s my Beemer, of course! It’s what I’ve decided to call her – Baby Jane. Instead of breastfeeding, she finds homage at petrol stations and while she goes about on all fours, she can do 100 km\h without a hitch. Until now that is. One morning she just refuses to start. It’s not like when the battery runs flat and there are no response from the car when you turn the ignition. In this case there is the effort of trying to ignite but the engine just wouldn’t engage. Thank goodness it happened while parked at home. Still, to get her fixed, a tow truck service is required. And after much delayed, they finally picked her up. If I am lucky she’d be okay by tomorrow. Worst case scenario would be next Monday. In the meantime, it’s going to be the Pajero for me. (sigh) Not that it’s bad or anything but the acceleration can be embarrassing sometimes. What’s more the stereo sucks. Haha y’see, now I can diss the stereo on the Pajero because now, Baby Jane has her own stereo. It’s Kenwood and it’s good. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Anyway, it comes with a remote and a USB port. Meaning I can take the thumbdrive that it came with, save a few hundred songs on it, plug it into the stereo and voila, goodbye homemade CDs. I owe Cipoi for helping me picking it out. As a matter of fact I owe him RM70 for it ‘cause I hadn’t enough cash on me that day. And considering that I picked the most decent choice. And I tell you, the slightly higher end stuff really looked tempting. But I wasn’t gonna burn a bigger hole in my pocket. It’s bad as it is. One more thing about the USB port on the Kenwood is that, well, I gotta a little story here. One time I was heading off to the studio and, oh, more about the studio later on, and I was in a hurry. So, there I was about to leave and I realized the battery of my handphone was dying. No time to charge it and I have yet to get that damn car charger kit. So I took along this cable that I use to connect my phone to my computer, to download pictures, videos and music to my K1 phone. Since the cable connects through the USB port, I thought, it should work as a makeshift car charger. And I was right. But more so, the moment I connected it both, the display on the stereo read ‘Reading’. And I couldn’t believe it because that what happens every time I insert my thumbdrive. Before I knew it, the stereo began playing the songs on my phone. I just sat there bewildered and excited. My phone and car stereo were talking to each other. God bless technology! Guess I wouldn’t need that car charger kit after all.

Oh yes, the studio. Well, it looks much better now. It has air conditioning, lights and backdrops for photo-shoots. And a proper living room with an oversize sofa and a TV with Astro hooked-up. And I’m the accountant of the place. Not really a full-fledged one. There’s just a book which I wrote down the expenses incurred for the betterment of the studio. And it hasn’t been updated for more than a week haha! Well, as if I’m getting paid for it. Still, it’s something to do. And, unlike any other accountants, this one models as well. It’s free. One of the perks, they say. But beside the point, if you’re interested of offering yourself for a photo shoot, you can always drop by. Or give me a call and I’ll take you there. You can just fool around with the camera or get a fully laminated picture of yourself. Your choice. And these guys can do it. They’re pretty good. It’s at Taman Pinggiran Ukay, just to remind you.
Erm, what else? Oh yes, next month I’ll be starting my MBA programme at UIA. Who would’ve thought, eh? Looks like this student life of mine is far from over. And I’m still doing my ACCA. Geez, what a geek I’m turning out to be. Watai even called me ‘pencinta ilmu’. And, damn it, I couldn’t refute the point much. Well, at least I’m driving a BMW. On paper I look really good don’t I? Single man of 25, currently pursuing ACCA and MBA. Drives a BMW. And works as a part-time model. Surely, a candidate for one of the most eligible bachelors around.

Oh before I forget, 7 Collar T-shirt is doing a show at TAC Bangsar this June 13th, if I’m not mistaken. They’re a Malaysian band doing something like MTV Unplugged. They’re good so come along. Support our local music scene. Better this than your Samsons and Nidjis. I’m promoting this because guess who are the people handling the promotional photo shoot? That’s right.

So, without further adieu, Chelsea has won the FA Cup and with so much noise coming from their corner during the last few weeks of the season, the matter of the fact is, Liverpool finished the season trophy-less… again.

Regina and Kabi got married and although I would pretty much describe the weirdness of it all, I believe the institution of marriage should not be trifled with. Even though you know each of both’s bad habits. So, congratulations to them and I look forward to seeing to many little Kaginas.

Not forgetting to our first ever first lady with a French name. Congratulations too.

For all, adieu and bon soi.