Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Finale

In a few hours 2008 will be over. As such this is an almost guaranteed last post of the year. Unless some shit happens and I’m stuck here in front of the PC without any plans unlike some people who went to Langkawi without telling others!

Anyway, looking back at 2008, I had one simple resolution. Nothing difficult like losing weight (although, after an appointment with my physician this afternoon, I think that what she was pushing me towards for). I would have liked to have a trip abroad with my friends. No girls, just the boys. And it doesn’t have to be Europe or anything. Indonesia or Thailand would be superb enough. Strangely, it never happened. The opportunity never came. Truth be told, I’m quite gutted actually. We’re only talking about a 5 days 4 nights trip. Nothing too ambitious. You wanna talk ambitious? A roadtrip across seven states throughout the Peninsular in under two days. Oh yeah. That we did. But that’s another story. Something I don’t think can be bettered anytime soon.

I did have an overseas trip this year but it was with my family. Don’t get me wrong, it was good considering it was the first time I get to use my passport in the last 5 years. I get to hug a koala and went on a coaster ride that accelerated from 0-100 km/h in 2 seconds. But every time we went back to the hotel, I have to pretend that I didn’t notice the strip club situated right across the street opposite the hotel’s entrance. Without a doubt, if I was with the boys, that would be the first place we’d check out. And the night after that. And the night after that. And be seriously broke afterwards.

Which is why for 2009, I am determined to make this trip a reality. That’s right! All in the name of strippers! Although, I must admit, having the same resolution as the previous year does sound unimaginative. Maybe I should lose some weight. Riiight.

Well, I’ll think of something. In the meantime, the awesome all boys trip and, with any luck, strip club visit included. And I have to put up my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition calendar. Ah, the year looks promising already.

Happy 2009, people. And be naughty about it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reborn Is Rather Rubbish

This Reborn Adidas thing is almost a scam. First of all, a pair for a pair. Not two old pairs for a new one with a RM100 reduction price like I was previously hoping for And that new one has to be priced at least RM 250. If not, they don’t qualify for the campaign. Which brings the question, what kind of shoes that costs more than RM250 a pop? Oh I should also remind you the Reborn does not cover the Adidas Originals line. And for the ladies, no Stella McCartney for you. What up, right? Because those where the really cool stuff and most of the prices hit above the specified range are. Plus, the futsal shoes I’ve been eyeing? They cost RM199.90 across the board. Pissed? Oh that’s the least of my problems. The ones that are priced above the RM250 mark are the running shoes. I mean, seriously, how much running do we Malaysians actually do? We couldn’t even bear the thought of parking a farther 5 metres away at the Carrefour entrance because it meant extra walking.

So now, I have a pair of old shoes that I can trade for new ones which I don’t need and for the price which is more than I previously estimated. I can’t believe I endorsed this campaign to you people. Sorry, guys. Again, duped by the big corporations. The only reprieve you get if you wish to go along with this is that the safe knowledge that your old shoes will be disposed off responsibly and probably even recycled for some of it parts. In tune with all this eco-friendly mentality we got going on right now. It beats getting a hybrid.

So, my predicament now is that whether I want to trade my two old pair of shoes for two new pairs worth RM500 for RM400. Or two new pairs worth RM750 for RM600. Or RM1000 for RM900. You know, they could just easily point out that basically, they just want to give a 20% discount. Like one of the salesperson did. And it all suddenly made sense to me. Why didn’t they? Oh that’s right. They want to confuse us thinking we’re getting the better end of the deal by putting all those words in. Like me. Nice.

And another thing that I noticed. Ever since they started Reborn, the amount of choices suddenly dwindled. Not much but there’s certainly a lack. These people are clever. Never underestimate these guys. Well played evil executives.

And why doesn’t Adidas has any trainers category? Like Nike’s? The all purpose shoes? The one Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer did an ad together on? The one you can do more than just run in it? That’s what I’d like. I have my futsal shoes and I have a pair that I can do everything else in. Because you never know when you need such a pair. Its’ like an umbrella. You don’t need it most of the time. In fact, most of the time you don’t even remember you have it. But that one time you do need them, you wish you have a good pair with you. And that’s my aim. Who knows when I’d like to go on that ATV trip at Kemensah. Or when I had to leave for the weekend for that second stage PTD assessment thing at Tg Malim. While the Bounce running shoes do have that funky look to it in an almost space exploration kind of way, I’d prefer not. Sometimes I just want a pair of Lunar Trainers. But Adidas don’t have them. They have something called Adventure. Which looks like something you’d wear if you’re planning a hike on Kilimanjaro.

Since Reborn is due to end on the 31st, I still have a few weeks left to contemplate. But, one thing for certain, I’m beginning to lose faith in Adidas.