Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Think I Love Jeans

It feels weird wearing jeans. It’s surprisingly comfortable. It has been ages since I put on a pair. I could not remember exactly why but I do think it has got to do with my earliest memories of wearing denim. It’s always tight at the crotch. And don’t even mention the seat. And, looking around at that time of people wearing jeans, that’s how they like it. I mean like, jeez, don’t you wanna have kids? Even I do. Well, maybe not back then at such a tender age. As a matter of fact, not even now, at a not-so-tender age.

But fast forward to today, after a few persuasive advice from friends and fascinating articles on denim from GQ and Esquire, I’ve decided to give it another chance. And, I’ll admit it, I get what people has been banging on about. Never mind they’re comfortable, it adds a certain dimension of coolness to it. And the key is it doesn’t have to be tight at the seat and crotch. Well, you can if you want to but it’s entirely up to you. Why haven’t I realize this before?

Anyway, point is, I think I love jeans. In fact, I’m already thinking of getting another pair. I would by now if not for my current acute gout attack which has forced me to be on house arrest since last weekend. I know, I know, I’m too young to have gout yada yada yada. I can’t help it if my enzymes could not break down uric acid as efficient as most people. So bite me!

Back to our story, despite my new found love for denim, I already can detect a potential fashion faux pas with it. That is falling in love too much with jeans. Oh yes, it’s not uncommon. I didn’t see it before because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about people wearing jeans back then. But, as I look around today, it seems everyone wears jeans. Be it at the shopping mall, at the market, a car repair shop and most definitely, the mat remps. The problem with jeans is that they tend to be too comfortable that people wear them to everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE. Even at wedding receptions. Unless you’re working for the caterer, wear something more proper. Okay, exception maybe for the kind of reception with the huge canopies strewn across the street in front of the parents’ house. But the ones at night, held at 5 star hotel ballrooms? Please. Are we not decent? And if by weird justification you think there’s nothing to could possibly top jeans as a fashion statement, make sure it’s a decent pair. Not the same one you wore since the afternoon while washing your car. It shows. Make it dark, no holes (artificial or otherwise) and hemmed appropriately at the sole (your James Dean impersonation can wait, elsewhere).

And this is where quality plays a part. I bought my first pair of jeans in years from none other than Levi’s. And it’s worth it. If you hadn’t had steak for awhile, where would you go for one? Certainly not NZ where the beef lacks any form of texture. You go to Jake’s Charbroiled. Same principle here. Yes, once in a while you buy a pair at a pasar malam and it is just happens to be perfect. The colour’s right, the cutting fits and it cost less than RM50. Be it known though that such events are a rarity. Buy 10 more at the same place and it is a guarantee the rest will be crap. Instead, for the price of 10, you can get 2 decent branded pairs. And it is always better that way. And yes, it shows. It’ll last longer too. People always think buying expensive clothes are a waste just for the sake of the brand. I always think of it as an investment. Plus, it makes me happier when you unpack at home. It gives a warmer fuzzy feeling.

Dress well, men.

Monday, October 06, 2008

All About The Number Five

I've been tagged by Sasa Bloomwood. Here goes:

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tag 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged. Let the person who tagged you know when you answered the questions.

What were you doing 5 years ago?
I was slacking off. I was chasing around chicks. I drive a fancy blue car. I was awesome.
Kinda like now...just with better shoes.

What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1.Pay the house bills.
2.Pay the Accord loan
3.Get my awesomely framed The Godfather movie poster from the shop which will now go majestically on my bedroom wall.
4.Drop by The Curve to see if they have the Black/Black Manchester MacBeth shoes in stock (and snag a pair if they do).
5.Get a massage.

What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1.Homemade chocolate chip cookies.
5.I know they are more like appetizers but those nifty little French loaf sandwiches at Aritha's buka puasa jig was really delicious it's haunting.

What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
1.Find the most fancy schwancy architect around and say, 'Redesign my house. Money no object'
2.Buy my impractical dream cars - 1963 Aston Martin DB5, a DeLorean, Jaguar E-Type
3.Have my birthday party at the Playboy Mansion
4.Date Anna Kournikova
5.Buy Chelsea FC

What are 5 jobs you’ve had?
1.The IT go-to guy at RnZ
2.A lower-than-dirt external audit junoir staff
3.Very part part-time accountant for the Studioq
4.Yonf tau foo seller
5.Aspiring writer

Tag 5 other Blogger…?
Please, I shall not torture any more further bloggers in the blogosphere.

Raya Stories

The question on everyone’s lips is do I ever get tired of listening to Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around every time I visit my own blog?. The answer is a resounding YES! But I do have to be honest with you, it hasn’t stopped me from bopping my head or at least sing along to the tune every time either. It does give some life to my blog actually. Being a party tune and all. But, I do realize, every good thing must come to an end so yes, I’m writing in the slowly continuous hope to push the Timberlake entry further down and out of the loop. Which may take a few entries more. But fret not, just as they say, slow n steady, brader.

Right, as Mila would say it, wassup wassup!! (or as Caon like to imitate)

It is the 6th day of Raya and I can’t stop appreciating how the Islamic calendar, for once in my lifetime, coincide with the Roman calendar. We just look at the date, oh it’s October 6th, so it must be the sixth day of Raya. Even back during Ramadhan, someone asked, how many days have we fasted on one unparticular day? Well, it was the 21st of September. Go figure. For once, I was not totally in the dark about the exact day of Syawal 1st.

As for my celebrations itself, things are kept at a minimal this year. The family were supposed to get back to Kelantan for my cousin’s wedding on the third day of Raya but as fate would have had it, my sister in law had an awkward fall at the mosque where we had our Raya prayers that 1st Raya morning which ended up her having an MRI and an appointment with an orthopedic at Prince Court. Suffice to say, my brother now could not join the trip which would mean only my mother, sister and me are the only ones left to drive the atrocious 10 hour journey with traffic conditions which can only be described as ‘insane’. And from the looks of it, if we had gone through with the plan, most likely than not, I’ll be the one left to do all the driving. To and fro, in consecutive days. The original plan was to take turns behind the wheel between my brother and me. You know, I love driving, but not that much. In the end, we saved up a lot on travelling expenses by just staying put. It was how I preferred it anyway. Guilty about ditching the family get together, yeah, but happier too. It was one of those days when I couldn’t care less what anyone else says. Especially if they’re my relatives.

So, by staying put in KL, I have discovered, you know that myth when people talked about how deserted KL feels every time it’s Raya season because more than half of the city folks went balik kampung? I say myth because it’s not true anymore. Yes, loads of people left the city for the few days but I think there are just too much people in the city these days that even a huge exodus does not render the city streets completely free. There were still some considerable amount of vehicles on the road during the first and second day of Raya. I’ve experienced less traffic on a regular Sunday morning. And this was further proven when my brother visited the famed Jln Masjid India during the final night before Raya. It was pretty lenggang the few nights before as we were under the assumption many had done their shopping and were already on the road back home. Apparently, it seemed every one was on the know nowadays about the peddler’s practice of having selling at rock bottom prices at the last night as the streets were suddenly thronged to the limit. It was like during mid-day at mid-Ramadhan all over again. It was crazy. Someone should write a paper on this. It’ll be easy marks. ‘The Myth Behind the Raya Exodus’. It might even get you an Ig Nobel prize.

As for my next Raya plans, well, I do hope to get plenty of invites to open houses in the next coming weeks. I already have one tomorrow at Seremban at Kerel’s. Should be fun if enough of the boys turn up. Talking about open houses, that reminds me, it has been a while since I received an invite to Ara’s annual open house. I was terkilan (ghetu) when it first happened but to be fair I only attended once. And, besides, it’s not that I actually know anyone there anyway. Well, yeah, there’s Ara’s clique from UTP, but, you know, they’re her clique. And I’m pretty sure the guys don’t even watch football. You know what, I think it’d be less awkward if I do not get an invite. But, there are sure to be plenty of chicks there. Something Barney would have jump to. Quite literally too. We’ll see how this goes. In the meantime, I think I’ll do that thing Sasa tagged me to do. And in the next entry, I might talk about the naughty trip to Thailand. Cheers.