Wednesday, March 14, 2007


All hail citizen journalism!!

Last Friday, y’see, I was on my way to Putrajaya and there was this potentially massive traffic jam building up which surprised me because I thought it was still quite early for it to be this bad, even for the KL-Seremban Highway. Then again, I wouldn’t know. Anyway, I was crawling along for a full 20 minutes before I knew what really caused the traffic, as you can clearly see by the picture below.

Yes, that’s right. Fireball of death! Inferno from Hell! I know, I’m exaggerating but how often do you get to see a van engulfed in flames on a public highway? Live right before your eyes? I’m pretty sure this was my first time. And this is when a camera phone becomes very handy. And as you can see, I was clearly seated at the passenger’s side of the car. Not breaking any traffic rules there.

Y’know what? I should utilize this camera phone thing more often. Well, excuse me for upgrading too late to realize the joys and convenience of it while people like Gary Oldman are already persuading the public to become amateur film makers with the N Series. Which, if I may point out, is rather cool. If you’re that self-absorbed, that is.

But you know the best part of having a camera phone? You can finally take a permanent memory of that beautiful woman who just walked by. And I almost did that. Almost. She was sitting right across me at the cafĂ© and she already realized I was sneaking glances at her. Somehow the idea of taking out my shiny blue handphone and held it in a position much too obvious to suggest that I was clearly aiming my lens towards her, would seem incredibly perversive. And yet, I still regretted my decision not to do just that. If I did, man, she would be definitely worth it. But the moment has passed and I have nothing of proof except for my words. Cherish, people, of all things beautiful. ‘Cause you’ll never know when the next one’s coming. And suddenly I become all philosophical.

Well, cheers and later.

Monday, March 05, 2007

This Thing Called YouTube

There’s this brilliant new thing on the Net called YouTube. Okay, it’s not new. It’s been there for ages, technologically speaking. And although I do realize its existence all this while, I never got around to appreciate its true depth in video sharing that it provides to Net users all over the globe. That is, until one hot and dull Saturday afternoon.

Still frustrated at my lack of success of finding a DVD copy of Clerks, an idea pops into my head one day and it said ‘why don’t I just search it on YouTube?’. I mean, people have been saying you can get a whole load of shit there, I guessed, why not give it a try? So I entered a query, ‘Clerks’, and what do you know? It actually produced results. And the right ones too. Now, I got a clip showing a collection of funny scenes from the movie on my Friendster profile under Favorite Movies. You can check it out and see why I am so obsessed about getting a copy of the movie for myself. And Chasing Amy? The movie title that I tried with that girl from the Ezy video store? That too is on YouTube. And better still, there’s a full movie on it. Just not in its entirety, so to speak. Some guy or girl chopped the movie into 13 parts of 10 minute scenes and put in online. Although I’ll admit that it is kind of a dodgy way of watching a movie but being a Kevin Smith fan (the same dude who made Clerks) just to be able to watch is already a reward on its own and so it is definitely worth it. As an enticement, I’ll put a clip showing a scene from the first part of the movie down here. After watching that, you tell me that you aren’t the least curious about finding out what the rest of the movie is all about. As a matter of fact, I’ll just tell you. It’s about a straight guy (Ben Affleck) who falls for a lesbian. I bet you’ve never seen a love story like this before (or at least with a better dialogue and storyline). Click, click, anyone?