Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pehaps A Little Too Emotional

I’m in such a mess right now. Creative wise. I have been running dry on ideas for weeks. It’s sort of déjà vu all over again. The last time this sort of thing happened, I went uninspired for two whole months. It was terrible. I thought that writing that questionnaire thingy ought to give me some sort of a push but no. It kept me entertained, yes, but only for two days. Then I’m stuck in the rut once again. It’s not that nothing much has happened. My life was been very enjoyable as of late. I went so Sg. Badai, I saw PGL The Musical, I went to Sepang, I watched the BMW Heritage Cars show with Jes, I went nasi lemak hunting last Saturday at Kampung Baru with Aritha, Sasa and Apau before joining up with the boys at Spicy Hartamas. But when I got home, sitting in front of this computer, compose one paragraph, then I thought “Fuck that’s boring”. So I exited Word without saving and went on switching on the television to watch Keith Floyd on Travel and Living. In the end, I decided to write about my uninspiredness and I’m not sure that word even exists.

So let’s just blurbs a few topics, shall we? I came across this interview with Datuk Nazir Razak in the NST last Sunday which I find a very interesting read. I aspire to be a man of his stature one day. A man of few words and yet, revered among his colleagues for the work he has done and not just because he knows how to talk in front of a camera. Not that he’s bad at it at any way. Tagged as the country’s top banker by NST and according to the interview I already found a thing that we both have in common. We’re both big Chelsea fan.

Speaking of Chelsea, I think it was John O’Shea who said that Chelsea has surpassed Man Utd as the most hated team in England. Along with all the controversy and how the media labeled Mourinho as being a sore loser, who wouldn’t agree? But I find a silver lining in all of this. Amid all this, you will find that the current Chelsea fans are truly the true and loyal Chelsea fans. No wannabes, no posers, no glory-hunters will be found amongst us. We’re the same people who kept supporting the team even when Charlton got a last minute winner against us and we got thrown out of Europe by an unknown Swiss team just a few years back. Not the ones that claim to be avid fans since a certain Russian billionaire took over the club and turned David Beckham down because he simply won’t fit into the system. For that I am proud. Cheers.

I love the idea of the movie 1957. I think it’s just novel. Also the Mahsuri project. Finally our film industry is moving into the right direction. I just had enough of skanky movies with the word ‘cinta’ in the title. There are just too many of them and none of them are remotely good. The money spent on making them is better donated to a charity somewhere in Mongolia. And I truly adore how they are marketing Gubra. It just says, “A Yasmin Ahmad Film – Gubra” and a picture of Sharifah Amani and Ng Cheong Soong in a melancholic embrace. No silly caricatures, no bold statements such “Filem Sensasi 2006!” or “Dibintangi oleh Danny X-Factor and Kaer AF2”. Newsflash people – we Malaysians are smart people and we know quality when we see it. Which is why Proton better stop fuckin’ around and make a car which electric windows would still work after two weeks it has left the showroom.

Have you seen the idiotic protests in front of KLCC every Friday afternoon disputing the price hike in petrol? I mean, what are they planning to achieve anyway by protesting? Do they really think that the government will look at them and say, “Uh duh, looks like the people ain’t happy. We better put things back the way they were,”. Wake up and smell the coffee, people. Do you think the government is raising the oil prices whimsically? It’s called globalization and world economics. If you don’t know what that means then I suggest you go back to the office and start doing your job that your employers hired you to do in the first place and not wasting time and energy doing things that would shame your country in the eyes of the foreign visitors who come to see our beautiful country. That is called productivity. At least you’ll be doing something good despite your ignorance. It’s amazing how I know Malaysians are bright and brilliant people but some can be really stupid at times.

Unemployment rate is 20% in France and young people are protesting about it in Paris. Now, that’s a reason to be unhappy about. Not because Datuk K is declining to comment any further. I thought the unemployment situation here is bad enough. I cannot imagine what is going on in France. I’ve been in the unemployment market for quite some time now and I think it’s fortunate for me to still have my dreams and ambitions well etched within me. I have seen and met people who because of the lack of job opportunities out there, the situation has eaten into their dreams and hopes. They simply just want to survive in this fast-paced world. Gone the ambitions of being successful and actually making a difference in the world. And these are the bright ones, I tell you. The statistics say unemployed graduates are about 60 000. These people I’ve met are probably are in the top 10 000 and it saddens me. Where are those kids who wished to be a scientist or an astronaut one day? Somehow they faded out along the way. It’s tragic. You what to talk about problems? About issues? Then here it is. Not how much the new Civic is going to cost in the next coming months.

On a lighter note, let’s talk about those little things that people hang onto their rear windows by the means of suction cup like the ones that resembles a road sign that says ‘Don’t follow me. I’m lost too’. That’s quite funny. Or is that a sticker? Anyway, there are other examples which are quite amusing like the one I saw earlier today. It says ‘Beware! Expensive to repair’. But there are a few lame ones like ‘If you think the car is cute, wait till you see the driver’. Not really funny, nor cute for that matter. But one that annoys me most is the one that says ‘VIP – Very Important Princess’. Now, let me ask you something, you’re not really that important if you have to tell people that you are, aren’t you? More so if you’re a so-called princess. Ladies, please avoid this. If you do have this and some guy compliments how cute it is, he’s lying. It’s nowhere near as cute and he’s just saying that because he wants to impress you and get into your pants. Men are so predictable. If it’s not about sex, it’s about food. Nothing else.

Now, imagine this, it’s the morning rush hour. Stop and go traffic. You come to an intersection. Everybody’s being selfish. Lingering in the yellow box even though the green light had already turned red about 2 minutes ago. Then you have the proverbial motorcyclists slithering around between cars and then, one of them came beside your car, lost his balance and hit your car. You heard the sound of impact, feeling almost certain that at least a mark has been left. But even before you can honk your horn, the damn motorcyclist had gone faster than you can even blink. No apologies, let alone to help and access the damage together and not even an apologetic look. Sped off like nothing had happened and pretending to be as innocent as a fuckin’ baby. You, meanwhile, still stuck in the slow moving traffic, don’t have the luxury to actually stop and step out of the car to see for yourself whether any serious mark had been made. Half an hour later, arriving at your destination, praying that your worries for the last 30 minutes was for nothing, got out of your car, walk around to the spot and found not one but two 30 cm long scratch etched into the paintwork. Then you find yourself cursing and swearing all alone at the car park and kicking little rocks all by yourself. It’s bloody annoying, isn’t it? That’s exactly what happened to Valerie today. And my hatred for motorcyclists is further entrenched. And this is not a one off incident. How many motorcyclists do you think that if the same thing happens again would actually stop, apologize, and compensate for his mistake? I would dare to bet RM1000 that the answer to that is none. Let me tell you something, if they’re riding a motorcycle to work everyday then that would mean they couldn’t afford a car in the first place, wouldn’t it? So should they ruin the paintwork on someone else’ car, then, chances are, they’re probably couldn’t afford to pay for that too now would they? Do you think I’m being judgmental here? You fuckin’ right I am! They make people like me suffer damages as a consequence of their idiotic mistakes! How incredibly innocuous is that!? Now listen here you fuckin’ motorcyclists, I know for a fact that you’re dirt poor, so be a fuckin’ decent user of the road and act like it! Because I know you’re probably couldn’t even afford to pay a new bulb for my taillight. Hell, even yours’ not working. Go figure. And my car is a 10 year plus Toyota. I couldn’t imagine if it happens to someone’s brand new E90. He’d be beyond pissed.

Up to that point, I was listening to Running Away by Hoobstank and I was happy because although it has a sad theme to it, I think it’s a great song. Then that lancau lahanat anak setan bangang punye mat rempit, trying to be clever despite his IQ is the equivalent that of a newt, squeezed his way through and incidentally left a scar on Valerie. I hope you meet with an accident one day that involves a 10 wheeler trailer and both your legs will get squashed beyond repair under the crushing weight of the monstrous vehicle. If I were there, I would definitely laugh until I wet my pants. Dear God, please make the person who scratched my car suffer in life in every possible way. If he’s married, please make his wife cheat on him with his best friend, who’s also happen to be fucking his daughter. Incest? Haha, to me it just rhymes with Justice.

Ah, so much negative energy. I’m sorry to end this on a bitter note. I’ll try to make the next entre a happy one. It’s just the day got off to a very bad start. It literally affected my whole mood for the day.

It’s Champions League night. To all football fans, enjoy your football and I’m putting my money that Benfica will advance to the Final. You read it here first. Cheers.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tagged, Flagged and Everything That Goes With It

2 hot women by the name of Aritha and Sasa tagged me - booyah!

4 Jobs
*I’m fuckin’ unemployed, mate! But I am currently getting paid to learn English. Probably
one of the easiest money deriving activities I could ever have.
*Hopefully, in the not too distant future, AA2 at Deloitte KassimChan, yeah!
*Kaki Blogger
*Kaki Skodeng

4 Movies I Love
*The Godfather
*Silence of the Lambs
*Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
*The Usual Suspects

4 Places I Lived
*Kelana Jaya

4 TV Shows I Love to Watch
*Top Gear
*Little Britain

4 Places I’ve Been on Vacation
*Hawaii; Universal Studios, Hollywood; Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf, San
*Kuta Beach, Bali
*Manukan Island and Mamutik Island of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, Kota
*Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet on top of Genting

4 Blogs I Visit Daily

4 Favorite Foods
*Chili’s Mushroom Jack Fajitas
*Nasi Beriani Gam Kambing Putrajaya
*Ikan bakar belakang Istana Negara
*Sotong goreng tepung at Pak Su Seafood Restaurant, Beserah

4 Places I’d Rather Be
*Jes’ room at The Ascott
*Tomok’s home where I could beat Nebu in Winning Eleven
*Stamford Bridge tomorrow night (March 22nd)
*Anywhere where I can get a good view of Lin’s chest

4 Albums I Can’t Live Without
*Maroon 5 1.22.03 Acoustic
*Incubus Morning View
*Ning Erti Pertemuan
*Kompilasi Lagu-lagu Melayu Tangkap Leleh oleh Badoque Productions

4 Vehicles I’ve Owned
I’ve never owned any of these but they’ve been put under my care, so to speak
*1990 5th Generation Toyota Celica aka Valerie
*1985 BMW 520i aka The Bone Shaker
*A 16-speed mountain bike which is now collecting rust and cat hair
*2005 Aston Martin DB9 (hopefully in my lifetime)

Additional 4 Things That I Want in Life Before 30
*A lavish, fully furnished apartment situated in the heart of KL with a breath-taking view of the
city where the doorman knows me by name and I have two hot lesbian couple as my next door
*The ability to one day, walk into an Auto Bavaria showroom and tell the sales person, "I want
to buy a BMW," and be dead serious about it
*Nora Danish as my non-committal girlfriend
*A Swiss bank account

4 Taggees
*Sape lagi ha?Aduh cani la jadinye bile dah jadi las skali. Semua pun dah buat
*Takde Idea
*Afdlin Shauki (haha cam dapat je)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Telly

Wehave our Malaysian version of Punk’d. It’s on NTV7 and hosted by Adlin Ramli aka Sultan Mahmud Melaka. I just saw I today. Quite interesting. The victim was Siti Sarah (correct ah spell her name like this?) and she was made to go through a practice session with a shortened microphone stand and the song rehearsed was intentionally played out of tune but she was getting the blame. But all the time she just smiled and never raised her voice. Just to show what a nice person she really is. Then it was Thursday Nite Live. A talk show with the style of Leno and Letterman but this time they actually come up with somebody proper to act as the host. It’s Harith Iskandar. I think it’s still brand new because the guests today were Afdlin and Ning. Two very close friends of his. It’s quite good although it’s obvious it needs a wide range of improvements. Catch them if you can. But next week la. This is free TV. No repeat repeat one. No Super Sunday slot at the end of the week. Have to wait la. Besides, it’s Thursday. What else is there on TV? If you want to see koalas mating on Animal Planet then go ahead la, I won’t stop you.

Haiyah, so lazy to continue. Eh where’s my chocolate bar ah?