Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PD and Cameron

PD is just so depressing these days. I don’t know what’s the big fuss about that place anymore. It used to be about the beach. But now the water is like green slosh and the beach is filled with litter. Thank goodness I was only there for less than a day. And that was more than enough. My mother was just there to officiate a function (yes, she’s pretty high up there now) and meet few important people handling the training aspect of medical officers in Negeri Sembilan. We stayed at Tiara Beach Resort and I was pretty content since, judging by the name, we at least get to stay at the seaside. But to my absolute dismay, the word ‘Beach’ actually refers to the its man made beach pool. It’s even in their tagline – Biggest man made beach pool in Malaysia! Yippie-ka-yay, whatever. I mean, who gives the fuck? Especially when the actual thing is only a few hundred metres away? Besides, it’s not like their ‘man made beach pool’ is anything to be impressed by. It’s just a big pool with sand, instead of concrete, surrounding it. And there’s definitely no waves in sight. But still it doesn’t bother as much since I had no time to go to the beach anyway. We arrived at around 10 pm and scheduled to leave before noon the next day. But I was looking forward to a nice relaxation in a well-furbished air-conditioned room. Well, the room has air-conditioning but it wasn’t exactly well-furbished. The room has no carpeting for crying out loud! At all! What kind of hotel room doesn’t have any carpeting in it? I’ll tell you what kind – the dodgy ones. But the worst bit was the telly. Not only did it not have Astro, the only clear receptions are TV1 and TV2. It’s even worse than in Kelantan! And I was bitterly disappointed because for that reason I missed Football Focus, the season finale of Supernatural and the 1st day of Matchday 3 of Champions League football. I was so bored I went to bed not long after unpacking. As I said, thank goodness I was there for less than a day.

As for Cameron Highlands, well, that’s a different story.

The last time I went up there was probably more than a decade ago so you can imagine my excitement after such a long absence. And I was also eager to drive up the hills as I wanted to find out for myself whether the journey from Tapah is as treacherous as its reputation had acquired over the years. There’s a new alternate route to Cameron but you need to travel further up PLUS to Simpang Pulai and then turn back up the hill. But where’s the fun in that? To make things more challenging it was about 6.30 pm when we pushed off from Tapah and it was slightly raining. Since it’ll take more than an hour to drive to the top, the later part of the climb would be pretty scary. And it was.

The road leading up is an endless combination of sharp hairpins steep slopes. I could barely go above 40km/h for reasons, one, safety and two, trying to keep my mother from nagging me about dangerous driving. And for that, I have never been tailgated as much in my whole life. I was overtook by a 1.3 Iswara whereas I was driving a 2.4 Accord. It was kinda funny though ‘cause as if the Iswara was moving in slow motion as it fully revved its engine but resulting in very little acceleration as it moved up past by me.

As the journey went on, visibility became poorer and the light reflecting water puddles didn’t help. Even the usage of high beam offered little advantage because of the hairpins. If only I was driving an S-Class where the headlamps turns along with the steering wheel. That would really help in seeing the vegetable trucks running down in the opposite direction beforehand. Speeding like mad.

But when we finally reached Tanah Rata it was so worth it. On the dashboard the thermometer read that outside temperature was 17 degrees centigrade. I had set the car’s air-conditioning unit at 23 degrees. It felt comparatively warm once I parked the car Hotel Heritage’s parking lot and opened the door and stepped out. God, it was wonderful! It was like the whole world was being air-conditioned. And the sensation is quite different from Genting. Genting has a superficial feel to it. You step out in a multi-layered parking lot and the first thing you hear are the sound of vehicles moving and amusement park rides. At Cameron there’s just silence. And the trees. And the wind blowing in your face. It felt more civilized. More calmer. More discreet. Much more pleasurable. And the other thing about Cameron is that everything there tastes good. We had dinner right after arriving and yes, we were a bit starving, but even the vegetable soup was incredibly tasty. It was full of flavour. I usually reserve those kinds of comments for a good steak but look at me now. I had seconds if you believed it. My mother couldn’t have been so proud.

As we made our way to our room, first thing I did was to switch on the TV and I gave out a satisfying laugh as soon as I was able to locate ESPN. Champions League night is on! With that I also managed to catch a replay of Football Focus and Sportcenter, and life could never been better. And another thing I notice is that hotels there don’t need to put air-conditioning in their rooms. Or the lobby. Or the coffeehouse. They really save a lot of money. Even with all the windows shut, it still pleasantly cold. My mother would disagree about the pleasant part. But for once, there’s nothing much she can do about it. I was so happy.

With minimal sleep after staying up watching Chelsea beat Schalke, I still woke up pretty early the next day. We had a lovely breakfast and I stepped out of the hotel lobby afterwards to get some fresh air and I’ve never felt so alive. It was probably 18 or 19 degrees outside and how I wish every morning at Gombak could feel as good as that. Then it was time to explore Cameron. And by exploring, my parents meant by going to Kea Farm. It’s the traditional spot for buying fresh vegetables and flowers. My mother goes there every time she visits Cameron. It was exciting at first for me to see stacks of vegetables, assortment of flowers, sweet corns and strawberries, ready to be sold. It was like a factory sale but with vegetables.

Speaking of strawberries, here’s a tip that I got from my mother’s colleague the next time you want to buy them. There are actually two kinds of strawberries that are usually put on sale. The big ones the size of golf balls and the small ones. Normally, ill informed people, like myself, would get the big ones because that’s what we usually do when it comes to buying fruits. The bigger the better. Value for money, as they say. But, once you put one in your mouth, they taste sour. Sounds familiar? Actually, that is how it’s meant to be. The big ones are meant to taste sour because these are the ones that are meant to be consumed with whipped cream and chocolate dipping. The sourness is meant to compensate the sweetness of the latter condiments, you might say. If that’s how you plan to eat them, then fine, buy them away. But, if you want to eat them raw, get those little ones. Those are the sweet ones. You don’t put the small strawberries on sundaes and such. You put the big ones for presentational impact. And there you are. We just don’t lambast women here at It’s a Guy Thing, we even give out handy food tips.

Back to Kea Farm, after a few moments spending walking around the area I suddenly got bored. Actually, I had sensed it coming. My mother, meanwhile, was enjoying herself buying all those broccolis, cauliflowers and asparaguses. Sure enough, I’ll be the one that has to eat them once they are served on the dinner table back at Gombak. You see, apart from the cool weather, there is nothing much for a bloke like me to look forward to on Cameron. Earlier at the hotel lobby, I checked out about the other attractions that they offer and they include tours strawberry farms where you can pluck the strawberries yourself (big deal), honey farms and orchid farms. Alternatively, if agriculture is not your thing, then there’s adventure by jungle trekking up to Mount Brinchang, the highest point on Cameron. Or go through the trail where Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk King, mysteriously disappeared. Oh, and there’s the tea plantation. Do you know that BOH stands for Best Of Highlands? I read that in an article somewhere. And Cameron Highlands got its name from an English map surveyor who discovered the place back in 1885 named William Cameron. He went down and told his friends about this awesome place he had found and they decided to go there and grow stuff. Here we are today. First, food tips, now, history lessons. This is such a useful blog.

Anyway, the tea plantation is about 10 km downhill and, although it doesn’t sound very far, but believe me, 10 km of twists and turns, it becomes perceptively far. And let’s not forget I was the driver.

We went back to KL by the third day and rightfully so. My excitement being on Cameron Highlands was getting thin very fast. I visited the towns and they are still small and everything closes shop by 8. They do have a Secret Recipe branch up here though, which really impresses me. Man, those cakes enjoy one heck of a ride coming all the way from down under.

I was glad to be finally headed home because the truth is I was missing Astro and the internet too much, and Cameron just doesn’t have enough to keep me distracted that long. But one drawback was to see the temperature reading outside beginning to rise as I made my way down to Tapah.

So, what have we learnt here? Don’t go to PD. PD – avoid. However, if you like fresh vegetables, flowers and strawberries, go to Cameron Highlands. And try to stay at the Cameron Highlands Resort. I hear they serve excellent English scones during tea time.
As my next journey takes me to another place, people! Cheers!


This what awaited us as we arrived home from our PD and Cameron Highlands trip. And that is quite a dent. It was Kak Chaya behind the wheel when this happened. Since my brother is away at Shanghai, she gets to use the Kia. And you might thought, well, here’s another female driver caught in a road incident. What’s new? That was my first thought too when I first heard the news, even tough it is my sister-in-law. Because, the matter of fact is, she’s probably one of the few people in KL who could claim that she spends more time in an airplane than in a car. Even before we went off to PD, I had to reverse the Kia out of the drive way for her. ‘Tak konfiden,’ was her reason.

Then, as the whole story unfolds, I was a bit embarrassed with myself. As it turned out, the other party, the one that hit her, were two teenage boys, most likely still in high school, on a motorcycle. Going against a one way street, obviously speeding and of course, with out wearing any safety helmets. Those bastards were lucky to escape uninjured even though the pillion rider ended up sprawling on the hood. Now, you tell me, if you had been at the scene, just in time to catch the outcome, which one would you think was clearly at fault? Can you see why I despise these mat rempits so much? Thankfully, the parents were decent enough to pay for the damages. But let’s do keep in mind that all this was entirely avoidable if those two kids, before going on that fateful ride, would have stop and think to themselves, ‘y’know, this might well be a stupid idea,’ and saves all of us from trouble. And by trouble, I mean, the Kia has to be sent to the workshop to be fixed and with the Honda’s malfunction indicator lamp has lit, I have to drive my mother to work for the past two days as she doesn’t feel comfortable driving the BMW, the Celica and definitely not the Pajero. So, as a result of the idiotic actions of two teenage boys from Greenwood, I had to wake up at 6 am for two consecutive days, take a cold bath in the wee hours of the morning and drive to KL and back!

For all this, I have one thing to say. I really do hope his father gives him a good beating.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Selamat Hari Raya! Yes, I know it’s already a bit late but things got in the way before I could do a proper posting about Raya (part of it is laziness and part of it my sister hogging the computer) but here I am at last! And how was your Raya? Good? Bad? Disastrous? As for me, well, I still get my share of duit raya. Say what? I know, conceptually, it’s wrong and quite embarrassing considering a man of my age but hey, when people voluntarily give you money, who am I to say no? It wasn’t much but, still, extra income is never bad.

Now, for the Raya stories. You know how people will always tell you pretty much the same story when telling about their Raya holidays? It’s sort of a template. The balik kampungs, the food and the distant relatives they haven’t seen since the last Raya, that sort of stuff. Well, I went to Rantau Panjang on the 2nd day of Raya. It’s not as vulgar as going clubbing on the first night of Raya but still something different ey? Some of you might be surprised by this but actually, there are quite some people doing the same thing. Years ago I made a vow to myself never to return there again as I had a terrible time. It was proven to me how far can a kid suffer from boredom, tiredness, thirst and of course, heat exhaustion. But, years later and I was rather curious for a revisit to see how the place has evolved and maybe, just maybe, get what all other people love about the place. Plus, I should have a physically higher tolerance level by now so a little heat could trouble me less now compared to years ago. And you know what discovered over there? It was the same ol’ shit hole. I still ended up bored, tired, hot and incredible thirsty. Seriously I don’t know what the appeal is anyway. Unless you want to go crazy on kitchenware and poor quality clothes and replica jerseys, I see no point of going there. It was hot, dusty, no parking spaces and not single garbage bin in sight. So, yes, trash was everywhere. How it could have been a shopping haven in the first place defies my logic.

On a different note, I want to talk about TV. I don’t remember what channel or on what day was it on but there was this show where they put Ramli Sarip, Zainal Abidin, Jay Jay and M Nasir together on a stage and they perform acoustically. And they’ll take turns to lead on their individual hits. I thought it was a brilliant show. What baffles me though is why there wasn’t any news on this? Maybe there was but clearly insufficient as I merely caught it by accident. We had no Astro, go figure. Even more so, I thought, should they ever release a DVD version of the show, I would sure as hell would have bought it. I didn’t catch the whole show but I did saw Jay Jay performed Belaian Jiwa and Zainal did Manis. It was a really captivating performance. It was like our version of MTV Unplugged Legends. These are the kind of shows they should be promoting. Why they didn’t is another thing that defied my logic. Instead they chose to accentuate those tacky AF Reunion concerts. Reunion? Has anybody actually missed them for them to have a reunion? How about you already made me sick the first time you showed up on TV? Is that news to you?

Speaking of my Astro-less time at Kelantan, you would not believe how I had spent my nights there. I couldn’t go out because Kota Bharu is practically a maze for me and it isn’t exactly where you can go out and watch a midnight movie or …

Geez, Kak Chaya just startled me just now. She just appeared from nowhere. I didn’t even realize she’s back. Just last Sunday she was flying to Narita. She had to answer a stand-by call. And since my brother was already on his way to Shanghai on a business trip, guess who as handed the privilege to drive a MAS flight attendant to KL Sentral at 8 am on a Sunday morning? Yes, my life can be quirky at times.

Where was I? Oh yes, my fun nights at PCB. Even PCB isn’t what it used to be. It’s suffering from erosion and the authorities have built a stone wall to stop its continuation. It looks more like Gurney Drive now rather than a decent beach. But without the Starbuckses and hotels. Anyway, basically I stayed at home and watch TV during those Raya nights. And, under the circumstances, I had little choice other than to watch the likes of Nana Tanjung, Bujang Senang and Remp-It. Please, I know, I myself could not bear the humiliation. It was either that or bed at 9 pm. It was torture, I tell you. But one thing I learnt from watching Nana Tanjung and Bujang Senang is there’s nothing wrong with the storyline. It’s the execution that made it all embarrassing. They could really use without the silly slapstick sound effects every time not even a half funny line comes out. And you could not help but feel that Saiful Apek was made to carry the whole movie on his shoulders. He was practically in every scene. Without him, those movies would have definitely collapsed. And the orang utara jokes are really getting tiresome. But you know what? Razak Mohaideen will continue making these kinds of movies and Saiful Apek will continue to headline them because they are a commercial success. Even his latest, Otai, as news would have it, already grossed RM3 million at the box office. Who could blame them? In the end, it’s all about making profits. And in that sense, they are doing just fine. And it should not surprise you that Nana Tanjung 2 is already in the pipeline. Personally it disgusts me as I find these movies utterly distasteful and downright degrading. Thank god there is something like 1957: Hati Malaya for me to look forward to. That I would happily pay good money for. And not to forget Afdlin’s Los & Faun. There is still hope for the local film industry.

As for Remp-It, well, let’s just say it was entirely pointless. All it did was glorifying illegal motorcycle races. The bane of society. And they just killed the lead actor at the end just to get the movie approved. They tried to make mat rempits look so cool for more than an hour and in the last 5 minutes they say, ‘oh, by the way, you could die doing this’. Well, it wasn’t enough. They could at least show him getting trampled under an 18 wheeler rather than mere knock on a concrete divider. A scratch and a bloody nose? Oh yeah, that’s deter the youths, sure. C’mon! I saw the looks on my cousins faces during all those stunt scenes and I just hope to God they don’t feel inspired by it and grow up to be decent human beings and actually having a life.

Talking about mat rempits, while I was at Kelantan one day, driving and I was at a crossroad. The light was red and I was in front of the line, and I was sensing something was out of place. It took me a while to realize but I looked around and saw a pack of motorcyclist in front of me and none of them was jumping the red light. It was a miracle! Even when the road was clear. It was such a nice feeling. I lived in KL for too long that I have gotten used to seeing motorcyclists treating traffic lights like decorative ornaments that is was so pleasing to come across such a scene. Of course, what they excel in obeying the red light rule, the lack the discipline to wear safety helmets. 7 out 10 riders I came across would have nothing on their head. Probably figuratively too. And they were speeding, naturally. Well, you can’t win them all.

The drive back to KL was hell. Single lane road suck so much. It gives power to the road hoggers. Unless you’re between Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis, you could go as fast as the car in front of you. If he or she decides to maintain 60 km\h for the next 40 km, there’s nothing much you can do because the opposing traffic is just as busy and the road are as twisted as Bush’s administrative policy. It is my dream to see a decent highway built to connect KL to Kelantan. But I do wish they could do something about the current Lebuhraya Pantai Timur. It’s bumpy as hell. I felt it firsthand when I went to Aritha’s wedding. And it’s bad considering the more you speed up, the bumpier it gets. If I’m not mistaken, I saw an ad on TV promoting the highway, and in the final scene, there was 4x4 in the background going up and down as it was travelling. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Will we ever learn?

I guess that’s enough ranting for one day. I won’t be here tomorrow as I’ll be following my mother on her business trip to PD and then Cameron Highlands. I know. It seems I have to break that promise of writing something every day again. Cheers then.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lucky SOB

I’ve read somewhere that the hallmark of every great writer is that he or she would write something every single day, regardless whether it’s shite or not. So this is me writing something which I’m pretty sure is going to be shitty. But if my experience has anything to go by, you people would still read it and love it as long it is me who wrote it. Kind of like BMW and the 1 Series.

Believe or not I am going to talk about Justin Timberlake today. Yes, surprised, are we? Well let me just get one thing clear. It is not that enjoy doing this or I secretly sing Sexy Back in the shower like Ridhu does but because I have some beef with him. Translation: He just annoys the fuck out of me.

He was already annoying back then being a teeny bopper and all, jumping around with that curly hair of his, while girls screaming his name. Well, they still do, but, now, he somehow managed to take it up another level. I’m referring, of course, not about his music because this is not an MTV blog, but more to his conquests. Seriously, folks, here at It’s A Guy Thing, do we ever deviate far from the topic of women?

So, here it is. Justin Timberlake has become the ladies man that most of us guys wish we could be. I’m not kidding. And that what really bugs me. I want to be in Justin Timberlake’s shoes! How can I NOT be annoyed with myself in making that kind of statement!?

Before you laugh let’s just take a look at his resume, aight? He may went out with some other chicks in between, I don’t know, but I do know that when almost every teenage boys were drooling about her, guess who gets to bang Britney Spears? That’s right, it was Justin Timberlake. And it wasn’t much of a coincidence that by the time they broke up, Britney’s popularity began to wane down. It wasn’t obvious at first but believe me, it was starting to go downhill (the I’m a Slave 4U video, anyone?). With that he moved to the next IT girl of Hollywood – Cameron Diaz. She’s Princess Fiona and the hottest Angel among the three and guess what? Justin got to her too. And now they’ve broken up, one could not help to think that, oh, you know what? Cameron is no longer the one hot piece of ass she used to be. She’s not really away yet but would it surprise you that she’s already on her way? She’s #23 on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006. I don’t think she’ll fare any better in 2007.

So, who’s Justin banging now? The beautifully sculpted Jessica Biel (if you’ve seen her underwear scene in I Now Pronounce Chuck and Larry, you’ll know what I mean). Y’know I’d never guessed someone like Biel would fall for someone like him. I mean, you have the pop princess. Then the Angel who likes to shake her “booty” in her underwear and you have Biel who plays a slick fighter pilot in Stealth and a vampire bounty hunter in Blade Trinity (albeit she looks incredibly amazing in both those roles) and you think, this is one tough chick. Seriously, a pop singer who does percussion with his mouth certainly doesn’t seem like a likely candidate that would able to lure such a creature in. And yet…

So, recap, how many guys you know who could say ‘I have scored Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel in one lifetime?’ Could you see now why I hate this guy so much? Oh, might I add, for his What Goes Around video, he also get to make out with Scarlett Johansson…in the pool! Fuck!

Man, like, forget about Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp or even Patrick Dempsey, as far as I know, Justin Timberlake is the luckiest sonofabitch in the entertainment industry. And for that, I really despise you, Justin.

At The Gardens

Some people call it a crying call for attention. I just call it disgruntled blog readers due to lack of dosage. Well, good news, you godless sodomites. My MBA finals just ended last week so I am now on a 3 week semester break. And with all this free time I have decided to focus on my writing. Updating this blog more regularly is half of that agenda but also, I think it’s about time I get started on that book that will lead me to fame and fortune. Problem is, I have absolutely no idea where to start. All I do know is I’ll have a girl as among the leading characters and it’s going to end with a tragedy. I will definitely not go for a happy ending. Where’s the fun in that? People don’t remember happy endings. But people will always remember a tragic ending. The one that makes you gasp and go, ‘Oh my God!’ Well, maybe not an absolute disastrous one but an ending that is maybe not an idyllic situation but the best way possible how everything could have turned out. You don’t want Kong to die but he can’t continue terrorizing New York City the way he did. And you feel bad for Naomi Watts but in the end, it really is the beauty that killed the beast. Or something like MatchPoint. Really? Scar Jo? Or a little Mighty Aphrodite. They have each other’s child but don’t realize it. Something tells me I’m gonna watch a lot of Woody Allen movies for this.

In other shitty news, Mourinho has left West London and although there is still bitterness on how things are at the moment, as a Chelsea fan, I suppose I need to get behind Avram, whether I like it or not. Let’s face it, one way or the other, results are needed on the pitch and bitching about lost cause isn’t going to help anybody. The club needs to go forward but that Shevchenko guy is really getting on my nerves.

Moving on.

Now, it’s no secret that for the past few weeks I have been busy with all the projects and presentations, not to mention the finals itself for my MBA, that I rarely go out to KL. I went to Ampang and Pantai Dalam occasionally (and that little Sunday trip to PJ) but that’s basically it. Imagine my surprise when I drove around Bukit Bintang and found out they changed the traffic directions, yet again. I wasted an extra15 minutes trying to get to Low Yatt because I took, which was before, not suppose to be a wrong turn. I’m sure it’ll improve traffic flow but fuck it’s annoying. And it wasn’t helped that before that, I went to Mid Valley and just when I thought I have finally conquered their parking layout, they changed it too. Now they have a P3 level and premier lots and 32 different exits. Honestly, the little ‘guide’ on the parking ticket which I’m guessing supposed to be helpful? Nope, sorry, didn’t do its part.

However, the Mid Valley trip was totally worthwhile. I mean, I went to Low Yatt to get a new CMOS battery but I went to Mid Valley to meet my honey. And that is always worth my time. Seriously, my hair was growing out of control. I have been putting off to see Abby for two weeks now ‘cause I couldn’t fit the time in between. Well, I do now. And as I arrived at the 3rd floor, the Jantzen receptionist told me that Abby was transferred to the outlet at The Gardens. It was a good thing too because if she hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to check out the place myself. All I can say is that it does look a bit more stylish. The Gardens, that is (funny how The Gardens sounds a lot better than Taman-taman). Then again, Coach and Hugo Boss are among their tenants. And the staff do dress like they work at a 5 star hotel. Intriguing, and yet fascinating.

As for Jantzen’s new baby outlet, well, it’s called Hair Studio, located at the corner of Isetan’s 2nd floor entrance. In terms of size, it ridicules in comparison to the loft they have at Mid Valley. That’s why I call it a baby outlet. It’s so cramped. It looks just like one of those 15 minutes express haircut joints. Except this one has Abby in it and better interior. And she screamed in delight at the mere sight of me as I made my way through. Well, not really screamed but just a nice smile and an enthusiastic wave. I was the one who screamed in delight. I didn’t do that out loud though. But that’s what I felt inside. Instead I just gave a slight ‘hey’ nod. Y’know, something Brad Pitt would do.

Any-hoo, one thing I like about the new place is that there’s no crowd. Yeah, I know it was a Monday and all but that didn’t stop people from filling up Mid Valley right across. I just don’t know where all this people could find the time to go there. I mean, not everybody is on an MBA semester break are they? But back to our main story, even without a crowd, I still had to wait as she was attending to another client. And the shampoo assistant assigned to me was a bit rough and that was kind of annoying. And the water she took to my head was a tad too warm. Standards dropping a bit, aren’t we? That would also explain the absence of the all black dress code for the staff. For once, I see Abby dressed other than black. She was in a brown top and jeans. It was certainly a refreshing look. And she smelt of Ralph by Ralph Lauren. I just love how intoxically seductive that feels.

It was such a relief to have all that excess hair out of the way in the end. It felt like a burden was lifted. And Abby’s delicate fingers helped smoothen the process. I mean, really. As I was settling my bill, Abby handed me her new card and told me to take her hand phone number down just in case I require ‘more’ of her services besides the haircut. And she did mention something about her Thursdays as being very lonely. Okay, I made that last bit up but I do have her phone number though. Or as James Roday would put it – digits!

Actually, what really happened was, the new place has yet to have a phone line set up, so even though there’s a fixed line number on her new card, she couldn’t be reached, so in case I want to set up an appointment, I could just call her on her cell. By ‘appointment’, I’d like to think ‘booty call’, but y’know, different people different meaning. But really, if I choose to call her right here, right now, I do have that option. Just for the fun of it. But I won’t because it’s already past 1am and I’m a pussy. Ah damnit. I can already see that all too familiar comment coming. But, y’know, maybe I will ask her out for drinks…some day. Because, seriously, even though her nenen isn’t much to shout about but, damn, the possibility to have sex with her is ultimately glorious. Of course, she has a nice personality to boot as well. Oh yeah, sure.